January 21, 2017

That Coffee Shop

Poetry by :Shakun Grover

Outside that dimly-lit coffee shop
He stood
waiting for me
while I ignored him,

I stared at my phone
waiting for him
to come hither.
Such are first times?
I wonder.
I stole a glance at him
my heart pounding,
trying desperately
to hide my anxiety!

In that dimly-lit coffee shop
he held a constant gaze
I couldn't hold my eyes to his
for I would blink in that blaze.

Outside that flickeringly-lit coffee shop,
the coffee shop of comfort and quiet
We stood
after an evening of hushed giggles
and stares inadequate,
of casual poking
and entwined fingertips,
of my fingertips that tickled
to run through the little dent
on his cheek.

I stood
gulping down the fear
of him being
just another

Miles away
from that lovely, small, barely-lit coffee shop
after a kiss on his cheek
and a hug so long,
walked away
my tall and handsome,
my heart's fire
but not before
making a promise
of another beautiful evening
in that coffee shop of love and desire.


VioletDaffodils said...

Beautiful post! I really enjoyed reading this :)


mustardseedfaith said...

Hey, thank you! Glad you liked it :)
-Shakun Grover