September 22, 2016

Travel Diaries: Goa

Long story short, I recently went on a trip. I got off the plane at Goa airport, smiled back at the air hostess, got myself a map, and hurriedly planned out where I was going to go from there.

This is an attempt at capturing some pictures, that are hopefully, not at all very 'Goa' like. I don't know why I set myself up on the strange challenge. But as I zoomed through the winding roads, I realised that that beautiful place was as much about the saree clad fisherwomen, the broad leaved cashew nut trees, the  commonplace street dogs, and the rolling green hillocks as the beaches, sun, sand and the surf.

So let's get to it.

Most of the trip, I was ill. Fever, an endless cold, general weakness. The ceaseless sunshine, the intermittent rainstorms, and the urge to put my feet into the sea (Bathing was out of question), made any real recovery impossible. Nevertheless, I put my faith in a doctor in Colva, where I waited in line with a large number of men, women and kids who looked at me strangely, got an injection at a questionable spot, and loaded myself with prescription medicine in hopes of enjoying my getaway!

I am a huge foodie, and food is often my only happiness. The highlight of this trip was definitely Aloo Paratha and Ginder Chai, which I relished, because of my sore throat.

Another amazing meal was at a quaint little restaurant in the middle of nowhere. It had pistachio green walls with strange children painted on it. It was lined with rows and rows of Tuborg bottles outside it. It was at an impossibly scenic location, on a rolling plateau, with paddy plantation on all four sides, which overlooked the bay on the horizon!

The surly restaurant owner served up a simple, inexpensive plate of an amazingly spicy, mildly sour and very coconuty fish curry, dal, and rice.

It was food for my soul.

Lounging dogs on beaches, mermaid-hair fishing nets, and impossibly ancient and beautiful trees.

The most beautiful chapter of the whole trip, an idyllic afternoon spent basking in the intermittent sun and rain showers at the ancient fort, Cabo de Rama.

Sitting on the fort walls, watching the waves break and swivel on the rocky coast, and the fuzzy horizon far, far away...It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

The fort is ancient, almost a thousand years old, I hear. In its midst is the most perfectly preserved church, and a thickly wooded forest. From all its walls, are majestic views of the Arabian sea, the far off Colva and Palolem beach stretches, and a magnificent rocky coastline.

The sea  gives you the best insight into what the earth is like. It creates a horizon, that you can convince yourself betrays a slight hint of the earth's curvature. You can see it stay slick on the sea-bed, many miles beneath, and you can see the sky, the wide, endless expanse above it. The clouds hint at the presence of air - that though seems free, is still shackled to the earth, bowing down to its hugeness.
I'm definitely returning, this time, with more time on my hands and a dash of immunity.


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September 18, 2016

Favourite Things


There comes a time when you question if 'girls in white dresses and blue satin sashes' are your favourite things, any more. 

But there are others, and I am thankful to be surrounded by them!
A few, among the many:
Twinkly lights
Mason Jars
Cups of Ginger Tea
Glitzy Stars

Satin Dresses
National Geographic Maps
Colourful Cushions
Long Naps

Striped Sheets
Kundan Rings
All purpose glue
Are my favourite things :)

I'm also currently facing the longest writer's block that I have had, ever. But on the bright side, am clicking more pictures, making interesting things, and living to the fullest :)

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What are your favourite things? Leave me a comment so that I can find out!


September 10, 2016

Blue Smoke

Fashion Photography is tricky business. As much as I love creating photographs with the right blend of outfits and accessories, makeup, posing, lighting, and props thrown in, it is extremely tricky to get the blend right, just the way I want it to be! But regardless, one must plough on :) 

Presenting, this thrifted, voluminous señorita skirt, with the cutest leopard print I could find, in town! Its so heavy I dare not wear it outside, and I can't decide what look it captures-but it is an interesting blend for sure! I teamed it up with this old, Forever21 blazer which I purchased in New York, 5 years back. Is from this amazing store at Times Square, which I visited time and again, feeling that I was in a wonderland, every minute I walked through the numerous, fashion-stocked floors.

Added this statement necklace from Accessorise, again purchased a year back, in the last days of college, with my TA money :D

Many strained poses, fight against the waning evening light, and some editing later, here we have some four pictures. Hope you like them!

Do write and let me know what you think! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :) 


September 08, 2016

September Mood

September is indeed the month of inspiration. Of rigour, forced writing, photography, cooking, the works. We need to fill our lives with things we love, and our passions serve as a guiding principle for how we should fill our time.
I love reaching out to my readers with visuals. They speak a thousand words, they evoke a mood, a space, a slice of time. 

I'm currently buzzing with an armful of ideas, fuelled by these pictures that have been pinned on my Pintrest boards for some time now. :) Idyllic suburban parks, Embroidery on denim, Flowers, and Vintagey prints - what more could anyone ask for?


September 04, 2016

Old Rose

I have always been fascinated with Botanical prints. To think of the years, before digital photography and advanced technologies, where Botanists painfully documented every petal, stamen, node, and root of a plant specimen, carefully recreating its colour, texture and form to document various species!

Tried recreating a Victorian tea party look, and blending natural illustrations with it, for this post. As for the outfit, I picked this dress in a flea market in Shillong (Which, by the way, is the best place to shop, ever!), back in December last year. The clip is from a surprising store here in Hyderabad, which looks like a suspect garish accessory store on the street, but is crammed full of the prettiest headbands, hair clips, bracelets, necklaces, bags, ear-cuffs, and accessories I couldn't even name!

Besides, I'm whiling my days doing up my new space, finding old treasures in all my stuff and bringing them back, and trying to curb urges to online shop. 

What have you been upto?