November 01, 2016

Print Parade: Part II


So as promised, bringing to you the part II of my Diwali look! You can find Part I of this reversible jacket, replayed with a cool chic vibe, in my previous post here.

This yellow silk skirt is just so bright, so crinkly and so darn beautiful! I absolutely love to wear it on special occasions! I had got it for my friends wedding, about a year back.

The other side of my double-sided jacket,
Silk skirt from BIBA
Silver purse-neckpiece, a gift from a friend
Platform shoes from Mochi
Earrings: Flee Market shopped

Im posting this as I'm travelling, and I will be posting some travel pictures here soon! Still thinking of a great way to visually document my travel. Oh yes, and did I mention I'm in Seattle, USA currently? So excited! The trees are clothed in their fall beauty, the streets are littered with brightly hued leave of every description, and the air is a cool 16 degrees. There is soo much to see, learn, and do in this world. I feel immensely grateful and privileged to have a chance to travel, whenever I do.


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