November 03, 2016

Print Parade: Part I

Art, Styling, Creative Direction: Shubhi
Photos: Mom!<3

Well, Diwali is upon us and holiday-dressing is something I always get on to at the very last minute! Mostly, its about raiding my mom's closet. But this year, with my mom's closet far away, I needed to come up with something from my meagre resources. And viola!

This look is so unlike me, for various reasons.  While I grew as a blogger, I developed a niche that fitted very naturally with my theme- dreamy, fairy-tale like, romantic fashion. I still love the theme, though I'm pretty much over the big bows everywhere and ruffles blossoming at every curve. (Suddenly, Henry Higgins'  'Weeds here, weeds there' My Fair Lady reference comes to mind XD)
Secondly, I never ever felt like wearing glasses, until I found these beauties at Colaba last year.

So there you go. This amazing double-sided block-printed trench-kurta-jacket thing is so awesome, I got it from Jaipur's Nehru bazaar streets a month back! The chequered skirt I got online - And the earrings are flee-market shopped as well.(The only new item I got this Diwali.)
Trusty platform shoes are from Mochi.

Part II of this look is coming up verrryy soon! Because, guess what, this jacket has superpowers, and can be reversed and there are amazing things waiting on the other side :P
See you there!



Rupa said...

Nice mix of prints. And your mom clicks nice pictures :)

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