October 11, 2016

In Praise of the Kanchan

It was one of those mornings,  after months of ceaseless rain, the sun rose up in full splendour.
The seed-heads on the long grass-stalks blinked, squinting skywards.

The air smelt of the grass and the forest, while bees buzzed around, trying to dodge a profusion of butterflies.

It was during one such  morning, that she went out into her garden, and saw that the Kanchan tree had burst into purple bloom overnight.

She plucked as many as she could, and put them in her hair.

The soft fragrance hung in the air.


Creative Direction, Styling, Photography: Shubhi
A little tribute to one of the many Indian flowers, the Kanchan. (Phanera variegata ) 
May there be many more sunny days, and trees in bloom, just like there were today.


Aditi So-Saree said...

LOve the concept n styling of the shoot.


Shubhi said...

Love you for all the appreciation :)