October 17, 2016

For the Love of the 90s

90's Fashion holds a special significance for me. Why you ask? I was born as soon as the Nineties started, for one. I witnessed it all around me, the first fabric I wore or touched was probably seeped deep in it.

But besides all of this, it is also special because I was so completely unaware of it. I did not know about it as I watched my elder sister wearing full-sleeved striped tee shirts, denim dungarees, and large frilly scrunchies, which frankly at that time, seemed odious to me!

I did not know about it as I watched hideously made-up women on television, wearing dark lipstick and lip-liners. (Well into the 2000s, because fashion always arrived late to India, before the wake of the Internet and Blogging and Social Media.)

So there. The 90s were all around, and I was blissfully unaware.

When I actually started understanding fashion and the funny trends-mindset that came along with it, (probably after I laid my hands on my first fashion magazine, and thank god for it- It has made my life and existence more colorful-sometimes in the literal sense too!), I thought the 90s were a terrible era, fashion-wise. I was so taken with the seventies, the forties even-and thanks to the endless reading of British classics-I was quite taken by the 1800s. :) Bows, Bouffants and Pouffy Sleeves- They were just MY THING!

But now in the wake of the 90s Revival, I am thrilled. Because all those pictures in fashion magazines, on Instagram, and everywhere else give me a strange sense of comfort, and familiarity. I want to jump right into it, and it has given me a new purpose in life (beware of overstatements!).

Well, the best part about the 90s is the 'Too cool to care' look that everyone seemed to wear. Have remixed some looks in the safe confines of the 2010s. Consider these as whims of an obsessed mind!

You can expect a more detailed look-breakdown on how-to do the 90s post soon (I'm obsessed), but meanwhile, you can look at the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, SATC  and Clueless for inspiration :)

So what is the good that I'm taking from the good-old 90s?

  1. Thin Chokers
  2. Lace Chokers
  3. ALL Chokers
  4. Colourful Stripes
  5. High-neck tees
  6. High waisted denims
  7. Grungy Denim Jackets
  8. Dresses-over-tops (Always a fan of covering up!)
  9. Half-up, half down hair
  10. Platform Heels

What am I not taking?

  1. Dark Lipliner 
  2. Scrunchies
  3. Buffalo Boots

PS: The cover photo is unconsciously influenced by Lana Del Ray's album art. Dreamy much! ^_^

The second look is much more grungy, more devil may care. Also, it sports the black lace choker that Im wearing absolutely EVERYwhere these days.

Hope you like it! Expect to see many more chokers in the near future.

Much Love <3


Aditi So-Saree said...

Love the way u edit ur pics.
Superb styling...superb post.


Sayantani Saha said...

I know what you mean! I didn't think the 90's was a great fashion era too, but I'm quite liking some of it, dress over tee being my favourite! Not a big fan of chokers thiugh!

Sayantani Saha said...

Also, so nice to see you post again!