October 18, 2016

A Post that Never got Published

Back in April, 2013, I worked on a post that I never published, for some reason. 
I look back at it, and it's almost surreal :) Nothing much has changed since then, except that...too much has changed!

I love how it has references to almost everything that's special to me in my life even right now, especially the friends and the places! So, here it goes:

10 Things I did Last Month

1. Spent some time with my pet cat, and my camera. 

2. Designed and made this DIY lantern with some steel wire and post-it notes. Mood lighting for my room!

3. Did a photoshoot on the building terracce.

4.Spent some time in our vacation home with family.

5.Welcomed in the bright sunshine. Hola Summer!

6.Excitedly received this parcel from Precious You, I won a giveaway at The Fashion Flite! Everything about it was beautiful, the earrings, the package, and the cute little note!

7. Went for a lunch date in town. 

 8. Reminisced about old friends. Dug out old pictures and edited them...I'm an obsessive compulsive photo editor, by the way.

9.Grabbed a coffee at the newly opened Starbucks with a friend. I love the way Starbucks in India has a whole new luxury brand identity, as opposed to the regular-street-corner-cofeeshop look abroad

10. Booked tickets to this place. I'm going next week to attend a dear friend's wedding! So excited, have to get busy planning some Indian traditional outfits soon!

Hope you'll had a lovely week!


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Rupa said...

Such a pretty post! Love all the pictures. you should have published it before.

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