September 10, 2016

Blue Smoke

Fashion Photography is tricky business. As much as I love creating photographs with the right blend of outfits and accessories, makeup, posing, lighting, and props thrown in, it is extremely tricky to get the blend right, just the way I want it to be! But regardless, one must plough on :) 

Presenting, this thrifted, voluminous señorita skirt, with the cutest leopard print I could find, in town! Its so heavy I dare not wear it outside, and I can't decide what look it captures-but it is an interesting blend for sure! I teamed it up with this old, Forever21 blazer which I purchased in New York, 5 years back. Is from this amazing store at Times Square, which I visited time and again, feeling that I was in a wonderland, every minute I walked through the numerous, fashion-stocked floors.

Added this statement necklace from Accessorise, again purchased a year back, in the last days of college, with my TA money :D

Many strained poses, fight against the waning evening light, and some editing later, here we have some four pictures. Hope you like them!

Do write and let me know what you think! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :) 


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