September 27, 2015

Hello, Hyderabad!

To the uninitiated, I have moved to a new city. A city as rich, (perhaps more) with a distinct culture, people, and a heritage as my own home: Mumbai. While I live in the new part of the city, a place as devoid of a face and identity that it could be a part of anywhere else in India (will do a post about it soon), a visit to the old city took me back in time where buildings were lovingly carved with delicate filigree, food was carefully prepared with age old recipes, and everything wore a look like it belonged to a specific time and place in history.

I was not without filth and chaos, however. I can't even say that I liked it very much. But it definitely calls me back, to probe a little further into this land and its people.

I look forward to more weekends spent exploring, and writing about them!


PS: Hyderabad is popular as the city of Biryanis, Kebabs, and Pearls. This series of posts will involve looking beyond, and also looking within the popular stereotypes that is Hyderabad.

Featured Song: Miriam by Norah Jones will leave you haunted for sometime at least!

Until later then.

September 24, 2015

Art and Fashion

Me, I see art in everything. And fashion and art, when married together, create the most amazing and harmonious combination there has ever existed.

This post is a collections of digital paintings in a style I was experimenting with. I'm fascinated by lines, drawing them in a flowing style is a meditative experience for me! Add to it the amazing brushes offered by Paper, a new app, and there's a formula for endless joyful hours spent painting!

Sharing a few here.


September 14, 2015

September Favourites

Dress: AND
Necklace: Tribal Zone
Book: Design of Everyday Things (To get my design thinking straight)
Macbook: Not mine!
Travel Location: Himayat Sagar Dam