April 05, 2015

Earring, Everyday: Elephant Cuff

Hello everyone! I'm back with a series of posts where I will be sharing and writing about a much loved accessory - Earrings! Every fashionista worth her salt has her collection of earrings, I'm sure. And what you wear in your ears, surely defines your style, mood, and outfit!

We Indians are spoilt for choice when it comes to earrings. Every state and region boasts of its own beautiful ethnic styles, and then there are so many from around the world as well! Ear piercing in India is almost a cultural norm - And almost every girl resorts to earrings to feel pretty and extra-special when she dresses up.

My choice, when it comes to earrings, is eclectic- it is a mix of styles, and most of them are definitely towards the unusual side. I look for pieces that are unique - in terms of style, design, colour, and size! I have a pretty large and a wacky earring collection, consisting of vintage, traditional, and modern pieces. I used to make earrings as a kid - with beads, wire, and pliers, I was quite the jewellerysmith!

This said, I have a confession to make. I hardly wear earrings, on a regular basis. The small ones are pretty wearable, but I often lose sight of them! I have this self-made quote in my head (Not sounding pompous here, it is a stupid quote but it makes sense)

"Large earrings are for not using,
and small ones are for losing."  

Hah! But here I am, waiting to share a series of ear-adornment pictures with you, after a huge break of 6 months. *cringes with despair* You will find me here everyday, dexterously posting away!

An Elephant in your ears? How cool is that? That's exactly what came to my mind when my mother purchased this bangle/cuff whatever you call it. And I promptly put it in my ears. Its design is a strange mix of Indian Opulence with something Egyptian about it - totally up my alley!

 I'm opening up my Earring-a-day series with a hand-cuff, apologies. But there will be normal-er stuff as well, promise. So until tomorrow, cheers!


Dayle Pereira said...

Glad to see you back here, girl & I do enjoy that self-made quote of yours :)

xo Dayle


Shubhi said...

Thanks Dayle <3 that comment made me feel welcomed back :D

Shubhi said...

Thanks Dayle <3 that comment made me feel welcomed back :D