April 05, 2015

Earring, Everyday: Black Swan

Feather earrings exude a strange sense of recklessness, of a wispy birdlike beauty, when you wear them. The colourful ones are pretty and boho, in their own way. But black feathers are quite, quite different!

They bring out this dark, less than perfect side that you have. They are bold, they are adventurous, and beautifully so. They blend in with your hair, and tickle your neck, and whisper secrets you don't want to hear, in your ears.

Do you own a pair? How do you feel when you wear them?

Until tomorrow then. Love!


Priyanka Chopra said...

She's looking too pretty in black swan Ear ring. I want it.

Mex Fashion said...

great idea of Feather earrings. designer and you

ethnic wears said...

She looks beautiful in this black dress.
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