November 13, 2015

Blue Forever

 Guess what, people! I'm back home in Mumbai! Getting back to outfit shoots was a really fun experience! Thanks to my sister, who is home for Diwali, who very obediently snapped a few shots in the fading evening light, in the back-garden.

Shirt: HnM
Pallazzo Pants: Street-shopped in Hiranandani
Classic White Linen Tote with Leather Straps: Godbole Gear

Hope you'll are having a great festive season!


September 27, 2015

Hello, Hyderabad!

To the uninitiated, I have moved to a new city. A city as rich, (perhaps more) with a distinct culture, people, and a heritage as my own home: Mumbai. While I live in the new part of the city, a place as devoid of a face and identity that it could be a part of anywhere else in India (will do a post about it soon), a visit to the old city took me back in time where buildings were lovingly carved with delicate filigree, food was carefully prepared with age old recipes, and everything wore a look like it belonged to a specific time and place in history.

I was not without filth and chaos, however. I can't even say that I liked it very much. But it definitely calls me back, to probe a little further into this land and its people.

I look forward to more weekends spent exploring, and writing about them!


PS: Hyderabad is popular as the city of Biryanis, Kebabs, and Pearls. This series of posts will involve looking beyond, and also looking within the popular stereotypes that is Hyderabad.

Featured Song: Miriam by Norah Jones will leave you haunted for sometime at least!

Until later then.

September 24, 2015

Art and Fashion

Me, I see art in everything. And fashion and art, when married together, create the most amazing and harmonious combination there has ever existed.

This post is a collections of digital paintings in a style I was experimenting with. I'm fascinated by lines, drawing them in a flowing style is a meditative experience for me! Add to it the amazing brushes offered by Paper, a new app, and there's a formula for endless joyful hours spent painting!

Sharing a few here.


September 14, 2015

September Favourites

Dress: AND
Necklace: Tribal Zone
Book: Design of Everyday Things (To get my design thinking straight)
Macbook: Not mine!
Travel Location: Himayat Sagar Dam

August 17, 2015

Denim and Flowers

This is an outfit post after a long-long time! An easy, casual outfit that I can well wear to work if I please. I'm loving all things denim with a twist, off late, and this men's shirt from Sicily immediately caught my attention a couple of days back, when I was out shopping. It has a fantastic cut, and is going to be a part of my wardrobe for a long long time!

Paired with an HnM striped shirt, Black heels, thrift-shopped antique necklace, and a small sling bag, and I'm done!

Love, Shubhi!

July 10, 2015

12 Things that I Learnt in Two Years

I wouldn't say I have been blogging for the past two years since I came here. Those erratic, off-the-whim, sometimes out of compulsion, sometimes out of guilt posts that I have put over the last two years, are but a mere shadow of what I had earlier. They do not have the burning desire to do something awesome, that fueled the posts before. 

And the reason is simple. For the first time in my life, I lived. I don't mean to say I haven't lived before. I have been truly blessed, with a full, beautiful life, and am endlessly grateful for all that I have. But the last two years here, I spent less time documenting, and more of it, doing things. Yes, I had patches of laziness, indolence, and pure ennui. And then there were patches of intense exploration, of media that were new, unfamiliar, and exciting to me. 

That each of them was a wide chasm of possibilities, possibilities of expression, possibilities of creating something beautiful. 

Okay let me be more specific here. I have always loved photography. Which is why I started this blog, by the way. Fashion is a natural extension to who I am, and the idea of a personal transformation, creating beautiful visuals with myself in the picture with the right aesthetic, excited me beyond anything else. It was more of a journey, into who I could become, with the right mix of clothes, accessories, vibe, backgrounds, and photography/editing style. I'm not sure if I would have been as happy styling somebody else for a shoot, but probably, yes. 

Creating beautiful visuals, 'fashion photography', as some may say, inspires me. But me being a part of it, with my limitations, with my own true self, added a whole new dimension to the process.

I am not a fashion student. I am not a fashionista, even. But if I have to call myself one, to reach out to those 90,000 viewers who graced this page with their visit, I will. 

I do not like to label myself. I may make a film at one instant, and a beautiful sketch that I take pleasure in, the second. I might take a picture that inspires someone, or write a poem that manages to penetrate somebody's senses. All I can say is that whatever I do, I would try to give my all to it. And that is regretfully, not something I have done on this blog for the past two years.

I cannot be certain where this is leading me. But one thing is sure. I will always keep writing here. Sort of like a journal. Sometimes deep, sometimes joyful, and sometimes superficial. But here.

 Changes are on the horizon. But I will make the best of them. And this is the place that I will come to, and commit to, when I feel the need to share.

PS: I'm writing after long, and have so much to say, Forgive the over-eloquence.

Okay, I will now talk about the things that
 I did learn, over the past two years. 

(Just a little background: I spent these years in a design school, for a master's programme, learning thought and craft of Visual Communication.)

12 Things I learnt in 2 Years

1. To put my feet up. Anywhere.On the couch, theaters, in plush restaurants, or on bus stops.

2. To sing. to sing loud, to sing for happiness. To sing on stage. And to know that its okay to screw up in front of an audience.

3. To dance. Something I haven't done, all my life. Not on stage, though. But among friends. 

4. To let go, to be free.

5. To love. The passionate, true and committed love. And what joy it can bring.

6. To speak my mind.

7. To know whom to call friends. And to know that they are important.

8. To work hard. In fact, to know that its absolutely necessary to do so. 

9. To smile. Smile wide. 

10. To say no.

11. To look at people in the eye.

12. To be determined. And to pull things through.

That said, there is a long way to go. All I ask for is the strength and enthusiasm to keep going. And whatever follows, I shall take it gratefully. 

Love, always.


May 30, 2015

Nine West Blogger Hunt

Sometime last week, Fashion's Most Wanted contacted me with an interesting proposition - Nine West was conducting a video shoot for selected bloggers, where they would shoot an introductory video for your blog! I was super excited. The shoot was super amazing, and I was really happy with the results!

So this is what happened:  I climbed into a cab on a sultry May afternoon, headed to the Nine-West Store in Palladium. I already knew the kind of outfit I wanted, and I found a dress of dreams at GUESS! It was super light, sheer, subtly sparkly, and fitted me like a dream! After a makeup session with INGLOT's talented artists, (where I promptly asked for a red lip to channel the retro diva -meets bohemian hippie look) , I let my curls loose, threw on my own headband, and headed back to the shoot location!

I picked out some super gorgeous shoes and a dull gold handbag from Nine-West, to finish the look. 

And was all set for the shoot!
The shoot itself was interesting, it was also my first ever video shoot for the blog. I had a ball, parading down the aisles all decked up like a princess :)

Anyway, watch the video for more.

Much Love!

April 12, 2015

Earring, Everyday: Tasseled Delight

I found these beauties in Jaipur, two years back, and they remain one of my favourite earrings to date :) They are a delightful blend of traditional and modern - the pattern and the gold are very Indian - but the dash of pink is quite a surprise!

April 11, 2015

Earring, Everyday: A Mystical Journey

This earring is extremely special to me, I bought it towards the end of my long trip to Ladakh, where I had but a slim shopping budget! It is a Tibetan Prayer Wheel which you can wear in your ears, topped off with delicate gold lettering.

Do you have any such super-special pieces in your collection?

Love, Shubhi.

April 09, 2015

Earring, Everyday: Ladylike

These ruby drops from my mother's collection, are definitely elegant and ladylike. A necklace to go, with pearls,little diamonds, and matching jewels, are understated opulence! This picture somehow reminds me of the time I played dressup inside my mother's closet, as a child. Maybe because of the hearscarf. But mostly, because that's exactly how I felt when I was shooting this :)

Love, Shubhi.

April 08, 2015

Earring, Everyday: Kundan

I fell in love with this fusion Kundan earrings the moment I set my eyes on them. They immediately made me feel that I could team them up with  Indian wear, and they could double up as statements with western clothes as well!

So far they have been to one wedding, and I hope they will go out for another spin soon.

Love, Shubhi!

April 07, 2015

Earrings, Everyday: Bejeweled Disks

Hello everyone, today I'm putting in the earrings that you may have probably seen a lot, on the blog. They are from Splash, and for a statement-jewellery lover like me, they are an amazing find! They totally give off some Arabic, Bohemian, Costume-Jewellery sort of a vibe, and I couldn't be happier with them!

I got them at a Splash sale a year back, and they are definitely a highlight among my earrings.

Until tomorrow then, cheers! Happy Tuesday :)

April 05, 2015

Earring, Everyday: Black Swan

Feather earrings exude a strange sense of recklessness, of a wispy birdlike beauty, when you wear them. The colourful ones are pretty and boho, in their own way. But black feathers are quite, quite different!

They bring out this dark, less than perfect side that you have. They are bold, they are adventurous, and beautifully so. They blend in with your hair, and tickle your neck, and whisper secrets you don't want to hear, in your ears.

Do you own a pair? How do you feel when you wear them?

Until tomorrow then. Love!

Earring, Everyday: Elephant Cuff

Hello everyone! I'm back with a series of posts where I will be sharing and writing about a much loved accessory - Earrings! Every fashionista worth her salt has her collection of earrings, I'm sure. And what you wear in your ears, surely defines your style, mood, and outfit!

We Indians are spoilt for choice when it comes to earrings. Every state and region boasts of its own beautiful ethnic styles, and then there are so many from around the world as well! Ear piercing in India is almost a cultural norm - And almost every girl resorts to earrings to feel pretty and extra-special when she dresses up.

My choice, when it comes to earrings, is eclectic- it is a mix of styles, and most of them are definitely towards the unusual side. I look for pieces that are unique - in terms of style, design, colour, and size! I have a pretty large and a wacky earring collection, consisting of vintage, traditional, and modern pieces. I used to make earrings as a kid - with beads, wire, and pliers, I was quite the jewellerysmith!

This said, I have a confession to make. I hardly wear earrings, on a regular basis. The small ones are pretty wearable, but I often lose sight of them! I have this self-made quote in my head (Not sounding pompous here, it is a stupid quote but it makes sense)

"Large earrings are for not using,
and small ones are for losing."  

Hah! But here I am, waiting to share a series of ear-adornment pictures with you, after a huge break of 6 months. *cringes with despair* You will find me here everyday, dexterously posting away!

An Elephant in your ears? How cool is that? That's exactly what came to my mind when my mother purchased this bangle/cuff whatever you call it. And I promptly put it in my ears. Its design is a strange mix of Indian Opulence with something Egyptian about it - totally up my alley!

 I'm opening up my Earring-a-day series with a hand-cuff, apologies. But there will be normal-er stuff as well, promise. So until tomorrow, cheers!