February 19, 2014

The INGLOT Blogger's Meet

INGLOT cosmetics, an amazing international makeup brand, hosted a fun-filled evening with bloggers at their Phoenix store recently. The theme was supposedly 'Valentine's Day', but I got there sans any pink and red accessories, thankfully. 

Namrata Hariani, Brand Manager, Inglot Cosmetics and Lisa Munlua, Inglot’s Make-up expert unveiled Inglot’s new 'berry' collection which will hit the stores next week.
We were asked to submit our names in little chits at the beginning of the evening. Later on, we discovered that it was for Lisa to try her magic makeup on! 

So the first name from the box turned out to be...mine! I was picked for the super soft, and romantic Valentine's look!

Here is what it looks like..

Now I'm not much of a makeup girl, but I did agree that it works wonders for the face! I felt like a celeb when I looked into the mirror and couldn't recognize myself anymore! INGLOT's HD makeup range especially looks good in flash-photographs!

The evening ended on a happy note with everyone going back with hampers of INGLOT products! 
Also, special thanks to the people at PR  Pundit for making the evening so much fun!

I'm currently busy working on a design portfolio to land internships! Its a lot of work, and I'm hardly getting any sleep. What are you up to this week?
Lots of Love.

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day dear readers! And though I'm not an obsessively pink-candy-heart-rose kind of a person, I do love this day to bits!

Besides spending time with your significant other (If you want to), here's what you can do this V-Day.

1. Take a bunch of roses for an old friend, surprise them!
2. Call up your parents randomly, to wish them and say that you care.
3. Spend time with a group of old friends, something you don't do in your busy life.
4. Bake a batch of cookies for your pet cat or dog. Or feed some stray animals or birds.
5.Feed a hungry child.
6. Water a withering tree or plant.

..and whatever else you can think of, a gesture that shows that you love and care.
If you are alone and have time on your hands, here's what you can do. You can write yourself a love note! Put on your favourite music, get out your craft supplies and old scraps of paper and cloth, and make your own special love letter. 

You can start with 'Dear Beloved' and the like, and write about how much you love yourself, what you love about yourself, and so on :)

This is an exercise we did in class a few days back, it was both a creative and an uplifting experience!
Here's what I made.

Go all out with it, and be as creative as you can!
It will serve as a beautiful reminder of your love, years later.


February 10, 2014

White Hot

Palazzo Pants are my new crush. I wear them every where. I love them for being there, and yet feeling as if they aren't. You get what I'm saying?

These black palazzos were thrifted by my friend on the streets of Delhi, and have been my love for the past few weeks. Wear these for sometime, and you'll chuck all your skinny jeans out of the window!

The best part is, you don't always have to look beachy or bohemian when you flaunt your palazzos. You can go for a classic look too!

Photography by Sangeeth.

Outfit Details
Peplum Shirt- Raymonds
Pallazos, Cat-Eye glasses-Thrifted
Shoes-Inc 5

February 03, 2014

Little Red Flowers

Dearest readers, I am back! The one month I was off the line, taught me a lot of things. First, that I am not ready to give up on my blog anytime soon. Hopefully, never. That however busy life gets, there is that one thing you need to keep doing, because without it, you will end up losing who you are. What you are.

What better comeback is there than as a woodland princess?

Outfit Details:
Pants: Ethnicity
Top, Necklace: Thrifted in Delhi
Shoes: Metro
Photography by Sangeeth.
Special thanks to Kavita!

This last month, I have been learning to make movies, deal with loads of pressure, and have been finding hidden sources of strength and resistance inside me. How fascinating. More inportantly, what have you been up to? How's 2014 treating you? :)

See you soon, with more! Hope you are having a fabulous start of the new year :)

Love, always.