April 03, 2014

Party at Pizza Express

Last Friday found me heading to Bandra for Dayle's Blog - Birthday bash. She has a fabulous blog called StyleFile which turned 3 this year! How cute!

The party was hosted at Pizza Express, which is a UK-based gourmet Italian restaurant, specializing in super thin-crust, melt-in-your mouth pizzas!

The dress code was monochrome, so I ended up wearing my new street-shopped striped jacket! I had to dress in a hurry, as I rushed after class to the party. And co-incidentally, the chefs at the restaurant had the very same stripe-patterned uniform! But im not the type that gets easily embarrassed, so we all made jokes out of it :P

This, as you know by now, is the band of Mumbai Bloggers! Dayle looked really pretty in her peplum white dress(That's her in the center), and (almost) everyone came dressed according to the code!

We had a fun time designing our own pizzas, with custom toppings! The day ended with delecious desserts, consisting of Chocolate Mousse, Cheesecake, and Banofee Pie. Yumfest!! Here's to more such parties in the future!