October 29, 2013

Surreal Portraits

These are a few surreal portraits of me or my friends, composed by me! :)


October 20, 2013

Red Brigade

Outfit Details:
Red Jacket: Van Heusen
Flower-Ginger, Lifestyle
Scarf(Used as belt)-Colaba

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October 12, 2013

Colour Splash

Life is fabulous now. It is great being busy at something you love doing, and I don't really mind the sleepless nights experimenting with images! The necklace is from Ayesha Accessories, And I think it manages to merge the studs and angel wings beautifully! 

Photography: Upasana Gadgil

Outfit Details:


October 06, 2013

Dreams in Newsprint

I walk alone, in a castle of dreams, wearing a paper dress. The paper envelopes me, it makes me beautiful. It sweeps the floor when I walk, and crinkles when I sit. 

It is the most beautiful dress I have ever worn.

Sometimes you create things so amazing, you didn't know you had the ability to! That is just what happened with this photoshoot. A friend and classmate of mine, Upasana, dreamt up of this surreal project, and made it happen! We sat up till late, making paper fans and pasting it to the dress, planned the hair, makeup, and locations beforehand. 

It took me about an hour to get into costume, and another, posing in the dress that was taped tightly on-to me, but it was totally worth it! I need more such fairytales in my life :)

Concept and Photography: Upasana Gadgil
Hair and Makeup: Kavita Brahma

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October 04, 2013

October Favourites

October might be the herald of fall for some, but here in Mumbai, the weather signals October heat! So I'm thinking crop tops, short skirts, and long leafy picnics by the lake. 

Im working on some super-awesome outfit posts, but cannot find the time to put them up!

Wait and watch, dear readers<3

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