July 30, 2013

Eclectic Green

Outfit Details
Top-Elle Fashionwear


July 24, 2013

My Dream College Outfit

There's a reason I call this my dream college outfit. That is because, it is, well, a dream. My everyday college look consists of washed denim pants, a plain tee, my trusty crocs(I am guilty) and a handbag. It differs from my dream college outfit for the following reasons:

1. I am lazy
2. I haven't found my perfect backpack yet.
3. I cannot let go of stuff. (In this case, my croc chappals.)
4. Wearing skirts is a risk that takes a completely new dimension when you're in the nation's premier geeky institute. 

Here are the hazards I face everyday because I am not wearing my dream college outfit, and wearing the normal crap mentioned above:

1.My denims get wet knee downwards(Thanks to the monsoon) and NEVER get dry.
2. Wearing chappals gives me a fine splatter of mud at the back of my aforementioned denims.
3.My shoulder is on the verge of dislocation because of lugging my laptop(which weighs as much a dog) on one shoulder.
4. Plain tees are pretty cool, no hazard found.

Going back to college has made me think about functionality is general, in life. Needless to say, I'm not wearing any  flower crowns here, and am actually not dressing for purely ornamental purposes. It is an interesting state of affairs.

So what is your dream college outfit this season?


July 20, 2013

Flower Crown DIY

Flower Crowns are one accessory that I have a dreamlike fascination for, and if you have it too, I strongly suggest you make your own. The basic method is the same, which I learnt from this super awesome tutorial by the pretty Rachel, given below. You can customise, add leaves, various flowers, etc. I've gone for a very simple, almost gajra-like look for mine, and I did a  fancy one a couple of months back here.

If you are already excited to make your own crown, check out Rachel's Video!



Sorry for the lack of posts, dear readers! I am now, sadly, a very very busy girl ! I moved to college a week back, and haven't even been able to check my blog or my emails! On the upside, I know  a tonne of interesting people now, and I can't wait  to collaborate with them for my blog <3

Speaking of being busy and getting stressed out, I had an opportunity to get a very relaxing massage at the Four Fountains Spa last week. It got me fresh and recharged for my busy life ahead!

 My net connectivity issues will be resolved soon, but I miss blogging and reading other blogs now! Till then, adios, cheers, and see you next week!


Photographs by : Akshay Sawant Photography

July 12, 2013

Casual Chic


There are times when I carefully put together looks for my blog, and then there are times when I randomly throw on whatever's handy and appeals to me impulsively. Since my bags are packed for college, I dug out some old stuff and threw it together to create this casual outfit!  

I met Ashy (from The Zing of My Life) over a cup of coffee, and spent a rainy afternoon chitchatting about our lives, blogs, and everything under the sun!(Or clouds, it's monsoon afterall.) We snapped outfit pictures  too! Aditi from So-Saree joined us later, and I had a really great time meeting the two vivacious and pretty ladies!

Rainy Days Call for a hint of neon, which is why I wear this DIY necklace with pretty much everything now days.      

Outfit Details:
Top-Ginger from Lifestyle
Bag-Nine West                                  

July 07, 2013

Winds of Change

Photo Credits: Akshay Sawant Photography

Shubhi's Revels is going to take its biggest-ever leap yet-By changing its name to Fairytale Style! I am very excited about this, and this transformation is something I had been planning an thinking about for a long time. I know its not always the best idea to wipe out an image from my reader's minds and place into it another one, but this was essential. Thank you for being with me for the past one year, dear readers. You helped me grow, you motivated me to do better. Every single comment of yours helped put a smile on my face and kept me going, even through the tough times.

And yes-nothing else about this blog is going to change. Hopefully, as I start design school, I will have better content and ideas to post here, and will get better at what I do! I might get busier, sure, but I promise(myself as well as you) to keep posting. The past year was tough, (I took a break year after college), but I'm glad I kept going. The future is uncertain, but I can see a bit of a rainbow peeking out from behind a cloud. And that's a good omen.

Lots of Love,
(Same Old)

Outfit Details:
Peter Pan Collar Top-Forever21
Wedges-American Eagle
Hat-Colaba Causeway
Scarf wrapped around hat-Gift

PS: I'm still figuring the new URL, redirection, facebook page change, etc. Will take a little while! Sorry for the inconvenience! 

July 03, 2013

Dream On


A dress with a garden of flowers, and a pair of shiny, patent leather sky high Mary Janes.
To take the fashion quotient of your dreams just that notch higher.