April 26, 2013

7 Fairytale Fashion Pictures

I have always loved dramatic, emotive fashion. Fashion that is so beautiful and out of the world, that it tells a story. So here is a collection of the most amazing fairytale fashion pictures from the internet, compiled by me! Hope you like them.

Images from Google Image Search, Vogue, and Dior.


April 24, 2013

Style Secret: How to do Comfort Stylishly


I do envy girls who can be comfortable and super-stylish at the same time. I racked my brains for an outfit that fulfills both these constraints, and viola, this is what I came up with!

A casual, interesting tee, a maxi skirt(Apparently maxis are the new minis, thank god for that), and ballerina flats. And that's a headband by the way.
There. The secret is out. Keep it safe, and make good use of it!

What is your go-to comfortable outfit?


April 21, 2013

Shimmery Pink

A couple of posts back I promised I would not do the nice top - black skinnies routine on the blog. Its all about stretching myself out here, right? So, engaging some radical (and crazy) thinking, I paired a striped top with patiala salwar pants. It creates an interesting silhouette!

Being an Indian, my outfits can foray into previously unexplored territories. If you ever travel through an Indian market-place, there is so much fashion inspiration to be drawn! Laces, Beaded Patchwork, Embellishments, Strings of beads, and a tonne of other things are readily available, to use in traditional Indian Wear!

My earrings in this post are actually the baubles Indian women attach to the ends of Saree-blouse -strings or duppattas.

Outfit Details:
Peplum Striped Top-Forever21
Pants- Local Botique
Earrings- Off the Street
Bag-Nine West

So, to all my Indian readers, Happy Exploration and Mixing!
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I'm linking this post to IFB, its so amazing that they are having a stripes-linkup!


April 19, 2013

Outfit Idea: Crop Tops and Stripes

I am loving the idea of crop tops right now. They are elegant, expose just the right amount of skin, and I think, may be the perfect fashion statement even on the streets of my country. Don't all those women in Sarees expose their midriff too?

So how am I going to set about implementing it? 
Step 1. Get a fitted tee.
Step 2. Cut it.
Step 3. Wear it.


With this happy prospect in mind, I bid you adeu for now. 

PS: Doesn't the outfit above give you a definite Italian vibe? It does, to me! I can imagine hopping up on a Vespa, and riding to some quaint Roman cafe for brunch!

PPS: I would kill for those shoes. I mean, WHERE on earth can I get that delicious lemon souffle colour in pumps?!


April 16, 2013

Stripes and a Flower

 Fashion should be fun. It should invite stares, it should mold you into a person who is not afraid of doing crazy things, a person carefree of societal reactions. Okay I made this up on my own. But you get the gist.

Outfit Details:
Pants(Palazzos or Pajamas, whatever you want to call them): Off the Street
Yellow Top-AND
Nude Pumps-New York
Belt-Colaba Causeway
Flower Clip-Ayesha from Shoppers Stop

  After these pictures were taken in a span of ten minutes, the photographer(who happens to be my friend since the last twenty years), jumped on his bicycle and I hopped on behind him. (On the carrier!) We took a ride through town. Cars and Motorbikes whizzed past us at full speed, but the slowness of the cycle  generated a new reverse-thrill, which felt quite as good! I would rather cruise through life on a bicycle, taking things as they come, than zooming through it on a snazzy motorbike.


April 13, 2013

Retro Love

This is a lovely Lilac Vintage Dress that had been lying about on my attic for years. I used the belt for a good old pop of colour, and viola! The matching necklace and earring set were added on. The necklace went on my neck, the earrings, however, took an unusual route and went on the sleeves! DIY Tassels, anybody?

 I adore vintage fashion. Though I might not know much about the eras, or be able to recognize which particular style this is, anything vintage makes me go starry-eyed and emit a long, happy sigh.

Collage Image from StockPhoto.


April 12, 2013

How to be Holiday Chic

resort chic

Summer vacations are fast approaching, and so are dreams of what to wear, wherever it is that you're going. So how to look like modern aristocracy on vacation? This is how. Shift dresses. Strappy white heels. Wide brimmed hats.

PS:  Even if you're not journeying to some exotic locale, why not dress up like you're on a holiday in your own town? 


April 10, 2013


I like graphic clothes, in small doses. Though I wouldn't dream of combining two graphic prints together, as many of my fellow bloggers pull off beautifully. Some things are just not in ones' destiny, and pulling off clashing prints is certainly not in mine.

This is an easy DIY I made a while ago. Purchased some paper and fabric flowers and stuck them on to a cloth band with fabric glue! You can substitute smaller flowers on a black elastic band, for a cute statement hairband.

Dress-Local boutique
Belt-Nine West


April 07, 2013

Flower Crown

I mentioned in passing, in my previous post, my obsession with flower crowns. So here is the first flower crown I am debuting on my blog! It is a DIY, made entirely from old waste paper flowers, and a wire. I found this amazing DIY video here, and I used roughly the same instructions!

flower crown


A few days back I received some pleasant news. It entails that I get to graduate in the field I love, the field I have chosen and dreamed about  ever since I started my blog. So here's to more creativity, more happiness and more fulfillment.

This life is the most beautiful thing that can ever happen to you. Never give up on your dreams, the sole purpose of this life is to follow them.


April 04, 2013

Shubhi's Seven Summer Must Haves

Summer ShortsSummer and Shorts. They are an inseparable combination, like Tea and Biscuits. Make sure your shorts have an interesting quality,like a fun print, a different fabric, or frayed edges. "Aren't denim shorts a staple?" Yes they are. A staple for boring people. (For the trend conscious, Bermuda shorts are all the rage now.)  Keywords: Short, Different-from-other-shorts.

 Awesome Flats. You have to spend some time looking for these, and when you see them, you'll know they're for you. They can be matched with anything, especially with killer painted toenails. Keywords: open toed, colourful, different.

Summer Dresses. The phrase immediately has me picturing girls in floating chiffon dresses twirling in a meadow. But that's just because I have an over-dramatic mind. Summer Dress have no fixed pattern. Generally, they are of a light material(Cotton is awesome!), and have ample ventilation. In better words, they have short /no sleeves, and the hemline is as short as you want it to be.  Keywords: Light, Cool, Pretty.Sunscreen is definitely a beauty must-have. Pick a tried and tested brand, choose a high SPF above 40, and lather it on. Mix it with moisturizer if you have dry skin. Oh well, you already knew all that!  Keyword: Protection!

Tote Bags are made in fashion and utility heaven. They are quirky, have an interesting print, and are capable of carrying your WORLD around, in them. Make sure you have additional coin purses and pouches to hold your important stuff in the tote (They generally have no pockets/compartments) or else your innocent tote can take the guise of a black hole, where everything goes in and nothing comes out of. Keywords: Large, quirky, utility.

flower crown

Sigh. A Flower Crown. I would have put this on top of the Summer Must Have list, but that is just because I'm so frivolous. A summer crown has absolutely no physical utility. It does, however, do things to your head. It makes you feel you are an 18th century princess. Or a nymph in a forest. Lets look closer home. Indian goddesses and princesses wore flowers in the hair too. So please lets follow the herd, shall we?  Keywords: Dreamy, Happiness Inducing.

What are your summer essentials? Do let me know in the comments! Or leave me a word on facebook!

Lots of Love