January 30, 2013

Not Exactly Me

As you know, i'm a more flowers, beads and lose flowy tops kind of a person. And if you are new here, you can jump right back to my previous post and see it for yourself! But when I got invited by a friend to be a part of the Mumbai Royal Enfield Republic Day Rally, I knew I had to play the part! So I geared up, jacket, boots, helmet and all.

And it turned out to be awesome fun. There were a huge number of bikers from all over the city, waving their banners and sporting the Tricolour flag!

Photo from Facebook

January 25, 2013


 Sometimes I just love to wear a long loose top, pile on some flowers, beads and rings, and take off to unknown lands.

(In this case, I took off to the mall to buy a gift, then to the market, then to an event meeting, haha. )

I think flowers on the head are my latest obsession. I have been collecting them from here and there, and you'll see more of them in my upcoming posts, I'm sure! I think more people should start wearing them, because I get a lot if weird stares when I wear mine. Not that I mind too much!

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Top: Charlotte Russe.
Flower band: Linking Road
Beads and Ring: From my Travels
Tiny Silver Heart Purse: Gift from Kashmir

January 22, 2013

Oh, Philadelphia!

Philladelphia is a beautiful, beautiful city. It is just the right amount of energy, culture, and tranquility. And oh, for some inconceivable reason, there are a million sculptures there! 

The thought of slipping on the ice makes me laugh. I doubt if actually doing so would have. I was saved by my amazing sense of balance, because by lovely tan nine west shoes have virtually no grip!

Furry scarf(Which keeps the neck so warm!) Banana Republic.
Boots: Nine West
Cap: HnM
Overcoat: Sister's


January 09, 2013

Fashion meets Art

Recently, I have been fascinated with how fashion and art merge together.
They are very much the same actually, both involve expressing your inner self. Early examples of art were limited to painting and sculpture. But with object and  installation art taking center stage, the definition of art and fashion have become almost interchangeable!

So go ahead, create works of art with what you wear.


Best of 2012

I Started my blog a year back, and here I am documenting the best outfits, photography, and looks of 2012.

January 03, 2013

The New Year

 I get a bit sentimental on my blog roughly about once in six months, and I'm afraid this is one such post
I started my blog exactly one year back, and so far the journey has been far more exciting and amazing than I could have ever expected! And now the new year kicks in, full of new possibilities and opportunities. Thank you, dearest readers for being with me the past one year, it would not have been so much fun without you!

I have been irregular with my posts this December, and for that I apologize. But nevertheless, it has been an amazing month, the best December so far in my life! Its time to return  home now, though, to dear old warm and sunny Mumbai. You can expect to see a lot of clothes I snatched up during the winter sales here in NYC, and be jealous because they are all oh so summery! (Not referring to my Indian friends here.)

And and. I apologise I haven't been replying to comments, but I want to get back in touch with all of you as soon as I get back!<3

The fashion part: I adore this vintage gold dress, so I wore it at home for a quick shoot. I couldn't dream of wearing it out, however, New York is freezing even with my overcoat on!

See you guys in a week!

Lots of Love,