December 25, 2013

Christmas in New York City!

If you have been reading my blog since the past year, you will know of my epic trip to NYC last December. Everything around me was so happy and decked up for christmas! Though I never took pictures with the special intent of making a blog-post on Christmas, it has nevertheless popped up in most of my pictures from back then.

Each picture tells a story!
 This is a picture from the Raph Lauren store in SoHo. Soho has stores of the top brands, from LV to Chanel to Gucci! And they're pretty snooty too. But they are beautifully decked up for the holiday season.

This is the gigantic christmas tree at Bryant Park. In the heart of New York, this place is ablaze with christmas spirit. With carols playing in the background, and people skating at the ice-rink, its a jolly place! It has these tiny stalls, as seen in the pictures below, selling holiday knick-nacks.

This picture has been included for the sole purpose that my outfit reminds me of Santa Claus! Avanti, a dear friend, came to visit me in NY and spend the holidays!

A giantic snowflake crowns the crowd at Columbus square. The temperature was a mere 2 degrees, yet the sun shone down and made everything glint and shine!

Just a shoe picture. Its funny how a random picture about nothing specific brings back a lot of memories!

The largest Macy's Store in the world, at Herald Square, with pretty christmas decoration. PS: I never went in, as I have a special aversion to overly huge and crowded places!

The Grand Central Station looks stately with its single huge christmas wreath. This station is like a CST of sorts(for Mumbaikars), with so many lines connecting to it!
This is a picture of the Giant LCD screen at Times Square. And hey, there's me! Another inordinately crowded place full of excited tourists. To my credit, I hardly look excited!

The hopes and dreams confetti wall-At Times Square. Thousands of people write down their wishes on little pieces of coloured confetti, and pin them up-The confetti is then released from top of the tower, during Time's Square's gala new year celebrations at 12am!

Me at the Anthropologie Store in Philly.  Check the post about the store! My bag merrily sings the popular carol, Let it Snow :)

This small christmas cute tree in my sister's bedroom window overlooks the snowy scene below. What a magical sight!

A view of the Museum of Modern Art, doesn't the Japanese Garden look pristine?

Mmmmmm I still have dreams about this breakfast. French Toast, Strawberries, the fluffiest Waffles you could ever have, topped with oodles of whipped cream!

Pictures from the Cross County Mall, where some real christmas sale shopping happened around this time last year :D

Hope you enoyed the pictures and hope they put you in a Christmassy mode, if you were'nt. Happy Holidays Everyone! :)



~ M ~ said...

Okay.. those waffles! They look scrumptious!!!

Lovely pics.. atleast you had a christmasy post.. hehe

Drew Watts said...

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