December 24, 2013

An Evening Stroll

(1)Sometimes I like to dress up when I take random walks around the campus. Well, minus the hat, because the sun was setting.  But it just completed the outfit for the pictures! Which brings me to my life-long woe- 'Why don't more people in India wear hats?' It is a sunny, hot, UV-ray infested country afterall!

(2)I cannot be bothered to iron clothes, that might just be my biggest sartorial flaw! I cannot. Unless its a wedding or an event I'm attending, I will not iron my clothes. Hence the creases. I have a friend who obsessively irons-out every crease in her pajamas before she sleeps. So you know what I'm up against!

(3)This darling little necklace from Ginger is just the best thing ever. It brightens up my day. Three little neon birds sitting cozily on your neck! Awesomeness.

Outfit Details
Necklace-Ginger, Lifestyle
Tee-The same



Vix said...

I've noticed that hats are becoming more popular with India men but more women should definitely wear them. You're rocking yours! xxx

yati noah said...

This is so cute !

yati from