November 29, 2013

The Four Fountains Spa- Review!

I recently tried out something every girl should take frequent doses of- a spa treatment!
I was pretty stressed with my work schedules, and when the people from the Four Fountains Spa in Bandra called me up and offered a complementary treatment, I readily agreed!

The people at the reception were kind and considerate. They asked me to fill out a form, with specific questions regarding my health, lifestyle and habits. Then they showed me a menu of the treatments they had to offer, and I opted for the longest of them, the full body massage!

Overall, the massage was relaxing to the extreme! The female masseuse was specially informed about the best kind of therapy for me, which was decided by the questions asked at the reception. It was followed by a luxuriant and fragrant bath, which left me feeling extremely pampered and drowsy!

This was topped off with hot green tea, and a small package with fragrant herbal balm, to be used everyday for aiding sleep!

The Four Fountains Spa is a must visit for both seasoned spa visitors, and especially for first timers! You will not be disappointed :)


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this is nice :))