November 19, 2013

Blue Rose

How are you doing, folks? Its been a fairly long time since I posted, apologies for that! I am super-excited about this new buy of mine, a Denim Shirt! Its a first for me! I just adore its pattern of white roses, it is super romantic :]

Plus it is perfect for Bombay winters! There is something amazing about the winter evenings here. The cold sets in after an incredibly warm afternoon, and soothes the world with its mellow chill. I love the winter!

Outfit Details:
Denim Shirt: Forever New
Collar Necklace: Splash



Aditi So-Saree said...

WOW..i love that top too..! it is indeed quite unique..i want one too..!
i missed u..! keep in touch.

New Post Up

Asta said...

Beautiful shirt. Your photo shoots are always a delight to watch !

Cactus and Cucumber

Keit said...

Hey, you're back :D
Loving the new denim!