October 06, 2013

Dreams in Newsprint

I walk alone, in a castle of dreams, wearing a paper dress. The paper envelopes me, it makes me beautiful. It sweeps the floor when I walk, and crinkles when I sit. 

It is the most beautiful dress I have ever worn.

Sometimes you create things so amazing, you didn't know you had the ability to! That is just what happened with this photoshoot. A friend and classmate of mine, Upasana, dreamt up of this surreal project, and made it happen! We sat up till late, making paper fans and pasting it to the dress, planned the hair, makeup, and locations beforehand. 

It took me about an hour to get into costume, and another, posing in the dress that was taped tightly on-to me, but it was totally worth it! I need more such fairytales in my life :)

Concept and Photography: Upasana Gadgil
Hair and Makeup: Kavita Brahma

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Vix said...

Speechless! What an incredible creation, spectacular setting and you look beautiful. x

Sayantini Bhattacharya said...

It's truly a fairy tale, beyond imagination! Creativity at its best! Lovely outfit and gracefully carried by you. Lots of love for you Shubhi. Best of luck for your future. Just don't stop dreaming and creating dreams :)

flysongbird said...

this is surreal. this is beautiful.

Gauri Panicker said...

It totally takes you to a dreamy world, of prince and princess, castles and horses...
indeed a beautiful theme..
waiting to see more..
lots of love and best wishes...:)


Sonshu said...

This is gorgeous.
Absolutely stunning.
You look like a princess out of a fairytale.


Aditi So-Saree said...

OMG Shubhi.! U r so beautiful, so talented and absolutely stunning.

M just so glad n proud that I can call you my friend.

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Roanna Fernandes said...

Remember that first thread of e-mails from a couple of weeks ago? (winks) This made me smile, ever so hard! I love the theme, and this is so apt for your blog. So much fairy dust all around me, and I'm just storing some of the extra particles in a tiny bottle for luck! Lovely work, girls. :-)

prathamesh said...

This one is the best post till date..
U have set a benchmark for yourself..
Hope u always put up such amazing posts..
:* lots of love..

Shreya J said...

Such Stunning Pictures! <3
Reminds me of my FD project...we did foil and garbage bags.
You've been awarded!

Rupa said...

Am speechless..

Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

Asta said...

Great photoshoot!!! Very creative.


Cactus and Cucumber

Dayle said...

So unique ! Great job, Shubhi :)

Manisha Manimatters said...

Loved the outfit and the way you carried it. Thumbs up!

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ashy said...

OMG Shubhi! the pics are simply surreal..kudos to your creative team. Every thing from the dress to the makeup is perfection..I love when you have friends that are as creative as you, it ends into a beautiful prject as this one :)