September 26, 2013

The Story of Stuff


We have become a world of consumers.

No, this is not just another emotion-stirring picture of how deplorable a state this planet is in. Instead, I would just urge you to spend some time looking at this highly enjoyable animation, The Story of Stuff.


If you haven't got twenty  minutes now, save it for later... You won't regret it, trust me! As this is a fashion blog, and at times I do promote lusting after a particular necklace/headband and mention brands in my posts, a realization(That had always vaguely been there) dawned upon me. I was a part of the system! And whats more, as blogs are essentially media, I was promoting the system!

Does this mean I'm going to stop blogging? No.
Does this mean I'm going to stop shopping? No.
But I can certainly be an informed blogger and a shopper. And so can you, dear friends. I'm already doing my (teeny-tiny) bit by not being a slave to changing fashion trends. By reinventing my accessories and clothes, so that they look different each time. By not throwing away that old broken necklace, but insead, making a head accessory out of it.

Here's what we can all do:

  1. Most importantly, think.
  2. Look around your house. Look at all the things you bought, but never end up using, or throwing out within six months.. Never buy things that fit that description again.
  3. Do not believe advertisements blindly. Introducing you to a product that is good for you is the last thing advertisers have in their mind. I think we all know what the first thing is.
  4. We are all advertisers of some sort. We talk to our friends and family, write reviews, and tweet our opinions. Be informed advertisers.

Narrowing down to fashion:

  1. Buy things that have a timeless appeal.
  2. Buy things that last. Spend an extra buck and buy better quality stuff, designed to last.
  3. Dress for yourself. Create an own fashion identity that appeals to you. This way, you will never feel the need to fit into a certain look or identity.
  4. Make accessories. Customize. DIY. It is fun, inexpensive, and really adds that personal touch to the things you own. This way, you automatically don't throw them away!
  5. Reduce your shopping. You won't hear anyone telling you this, for obvious reasons. But it is the best thing you can do if you want to help out.

There's a lot more we can do, to make a difference. The planet needs us. And we need to open our eyes, and see, and respond, to the bigger picture.


Aditi So-Saree said...

Beautiful post Shubhi..i appreciate your effort..n i love ur blog.

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Vix said...

So very true! I promise to watch the vid when I've time. Well done for spreading the message. x

Dayle said...

I love this, Shubhi. I'm with you on this all the way :)

Shikha S said...

So true, nice post. We have twice in year giveaway day in our office.I generally give all those items which I have not used much in that year, there is no point keeping them as I know I wont be using them. For shopping restriction, I find it little difficult to control myself

Pajama Diaries said...

HI babe! I see that you have revamped your whole blog. Looks so pretty!

I totally get what you are saying. Since last year my shopping has been minimal and trust me its a good habit. No junk, no issues, only recycle.

Much Love.

Pink Jasmine Styling said...

Quite a nice post. You are right dear..throwing within 6 months makes lot of sense, if not being used.
Have a great day.