September 07, 2013

Pink Dusk

I wish life was as simple as back in the seventies. I wish big bows were still in style. I wish we could all drive around in Volkswagen Beetles and Ambassadors. I wish, that back then, time would have stood still.

Outfit Details:
Skirt-(Top worn as a skirt)-Ginger, Lifestyle

Photography: Upasana Gagil



Egle Ge said...

You look so cute and beautiful. Love the bow! ;)

With love, Egle G. {HideInSugar}

Fashionopolis said...

Hands down, no one can wear a statement head piece quite like look. Adorable bow.
❤ Amena.
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RaeAbigael said...

you look gorgeous and the photos are amazing! :D


Shanaya Sinner said...

I love the bow ! Gonna add more of them in my collection :D Love the pictures :D
xoxo <3

Aditi So-Saree said...

I think i have exhausted all my compliments on ur previous let me just say.."I LOVE U"..wait..didnt u just know that already..!;)
Keep rocking girl.


Anupriya DG said...

I'm loving the alarm clock touch! <3

Oh! And the bows too!! ^_^

Vix said...

Big bows are always stylish regardless of what the fashion experts tell us! You look beautiful, love the vintage-y alarm clock! x

Chp_dzn said...

Love the bow! And you look lovely as ever!