July 07, 2013

Winds of Change

Photo Credits: Akshay Sawant Photography

Shubhi's Revels is going to take its biggest-ever leap yet-By changing its name to Fairytale Style! I am very excited about this, and this transformation is something I had been planning an thinking about for a long time. I know its not always the best idea to wipe out an image from my reader's minds and place into it another one, but this was essential. Thank you for being with me for the past one year, dear readers. You helped me grow, you motivated me to do better. Every single comment of yours helped put a smile on my face and kept me going, even through the tough times.

And yes-nothing else about this blog is going to change. Hopefully, as I start design school, I will have better content and ideas to post here, and will get better at what I do! I might get busier, sure, but I promise(myself as well as you) to keep posting. The past year was tough, (I took a break year after college), but I'm glad I kept going. The future is uncertain, but I can see a bit of a rainbow peeking out from behind a cloud. And that's a good omen.

Lots of Love,
(Same Old)

Outfit Details:
Peter Pan Collar Top-Forever21
Wedges-American Eagle
Hat-Colaba Causeway
Scarf wrapped around hat-Gift

PS: I'm still figuring the new URL, redirection, facebook page change, etc. Will take a little while! Sorry for the inconvenience! 


N@NY said...

amazing everything ,
You really know how to impress me every time ,
love the make up ,

Wanna see my spring favorites ! you may get inspired , come take a look


Roanna Fernandes said...

Very nice, S! It all looks so pristine and pretty, somewhat minimalist, I say. I'm sure the blog will open doors to many more exciting and newer adventures. Good luck! :-)

P.S. I love that blouse and that scarf thingie on your summer hat (I've been looking for those for a while now).

Sayantani Saha said...

I'm going to start my masters soon too. Hopefully! Love the top and you look pretty as ever!

lookinggoodfeelingfab.com said...

nice...also like your new profile pic :)

Sayantini Bhattacharya said...

Hi Subhi, I think I am following you from the first day of my blogging. And, now you've become one of my favourite fashion bloggers of my network. I love all of your posts, I like how you primp up everything. I loved your journey from Subhi's Revels to Fairytale Fashion, and let me say this make-over of you blog is so creative and attractive like anything. Good luck and best wishes for your future. Love you :)

Keit said...

Hahah, great new name :D Congrats :)

Vix said...

Whatever changes you make I'll be behind you all the way! You look gorgeous, that hat rocks! x

Diana Horsfall said...

lovely http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/