July 24, 2013

My Dream College Outfit

There's a reason I call this my dream college outfit. That is because, it is, well, a dream. My everyday college look consists of washed denim pants, a plain tee, my trusty crocs(I am guilty) and a handbag. It differs from my dream college outfit for the following reasons:

1. I am lazy
2. I haven't found my perfect backpack yet.
3. I cannot let go of stuff. (In this case, my croc chappals.)
4. Wearing skirts is a risk that takes a completely new dimension when you're in the nation's premier geeky institute. 

Here are the hazards I face everyday because I am not wearing my dream college outfit, and wearing the normal crap mentioned above:

1.My denims get wet knee downwards(Thanks to the monsoon) and NEVER get dry.
2. Wearing chappals gives me a fine splatter of mud at the back of my aforementioned denims.
3.My shoulder is on the verge of dislocation because of lugging my laptop(which weighs as much a dog) on one shoulder.
4. Plain tees are pretty cool, no hazard found.

Going back to college has made me think about functionality is general, in life. Needless to say, I'm not wearing any  flower crowns here, and am actually not dressing for purely ornamental purposes. It is an interesting state of affairs.

So what is your dream college outfit this season?



Vix said...

That elephant printed skirt is a joy to behold! x

Aditi So-Saree said...

I love the skirt..hope u r having a grt time at college.

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Shreya J said...

Pretty and comfy!
You should fast turn this dream to reality!