July 20, 2013

Flower Crown DIY

Flower Crowns are one accessory that I have a dreamlike fascination for, and if you have it too, I strongly suggest you make your own. The basic method is the same, which I learnt from this super awesome tutorial by the pretty Rachel, given below. You can customise, add leaves, various flowers, etc. I've gone for a very simple, almost gajra-like look for mine, and I did a  fancy one a couple of months back here.

If you are already excited to make your own crown, check out Rachel's Video!



Sorry for the lack of posts, dear readers! I am now, sadly, a very very busy girl ! I moved to college a week back, and haven't even been able to check my blog or my emails! On the upside, I know  a tonne of interesting people now, and I can't wait  to collaborate with them for my blog <3

Speaking of being busy and getting stressed out, I had an opportunity to get a very relaxing massage at the Four Fountains Spa last week. It got me fresh and recharged for my busy life ahead!

 My net connectivity issues will be resolved soon, but I miss blogging and reading other blogs now! Till then, adios, cheers, and see you next week!


Photographs by : Akshay Sawant Photography


Eshna said...

I really really wanted to make a flower crown And your lovely post has only strengthened my will!!


Surbhi Suri said...

I wanna do this too, u can carry this so effortlessly ! U are made to wear these floral crowns..

Sophie said...

your flower crown is so pretty and you look beautiful xxx

I left my heart in Miami

Shanaya Sinner said...

The new blog layout looks amazing :D
And coming to you I always love how simple, classy and elegant you look :)
Great pictures :D
xoxo <3


Aslihan Ece Kahraman said...

Kisses http://blckpearlstyle.blogspot.com/

Vix said...

I'm a huge fan of flower crowns and you rock yours! x

Vivienne Z said...

I just discovered your blog, following Vintage Vixen's link to yours. I'm hooked! I like your casual chic vibe :)

Rupa said...

I want it too..


worryaboutitlater bianca said...

wow it looks so lovely!!
awesome flower-crown