June 29, 2013

The INGLOT Event

The Inglot event was fabulous fun! It was an afternoon filled with friends, makeup, nail art, wine, and loads of laughter!

The invite said 'Bring a Friend', so I took Siddhi, my gorgeous friend from college. As soon as we reached, we got out nails and makeup done from professional Inglot artists. We also happened to win a contest, the winner of which would get her makeup done by Ojas, a renouned makeup artist. Siddhi had a blast, being a demo face for Ojas, while the entire party looked on, as he demonstrated his makeup tricks on her! 

I met Roanna, a super-sweet illustrator( from JupiterSkye), with whom I had exchanged a series of emails previously! It was a lovely surprise running into her, and we had loads of fun catching up and giggling over wine and cake pops. 

It was also amazing running into Shanaya and Amena, and a whole lot of other fellow bloggers! Amena (from Fashionopolis) was her super sweet self as always, I especially loved her little neon pink bag! Shanaya (From Little Miss Sinner) looked uber chic in her distressed denims, peplum top, and spiked gold bracelets.

Me and Siddhi

Magali(from StyleMagalic) wore a pair of maroon Hunter boots(The first time I'm seeing them worn in Mumbai).
Siddhi got her nails done in a lavender velvet finish(above) , while I got my ring finger-nail studded with caviar. 

Thanks to the people at Four Season's Wine for inviting me to the event! You can view their facebook page here.


June 25, 2013

Sweet July

Yes I know, I know, its not July yet. But it is the one month I'm really looking forward to, because I get to go off to Design School! It's something I have wanted to do all my life, and now that its near, I am excited, apprehensive, and nervous all rolled up into one. After a long break year(which seems like a lifetime) of laziness, I am finally going to be more productive!

All play and no work makes Jack a dull chap.

Outfit Details
Lace Ombre Dress-Thrifted
Red Pants-JC Penny
Hairband-Linking Road
White Roses-H&M, gift.

June 20, 2013

Starry Tantrums

I'm thoroughly enjoying the rains these days, getting drenched at every opportunity they provide! But rains make it difficult to take good pictures, so that's one point less for them.
On a side note, have you ever been on a motorbike when it is raining moderately, and the cold raindrops pierce you like needles? The feeling is priceless!

Outfit Details:
Dress: Code
Beaded and Fringed Bag: Vintage,
belonged to my grandmother in the 70s 
Scarf: Ayesha Accessories
Shoes: Jabong.com
Cuff, worn as a crown-Vintage


June 15, 2013

Blue Days

I had vowed to myself to do the crop top style ever since this post , and so, here it is! Luckily I had a really amazing fitted readymade saree-blouse, with lace sleeves(Not seen in the pictures), which I used as a crop-top! (Lucky, because I would have gone on a top-trimming spree with my scissors, otherwise.)

I think the full skirt and the blazer really balances the look out.

5 Random reasons why you should try crop tops yourself:
//They're ventilating.
//You're showing no more skin than a saree-clad woman.
//You can wear them with high waisted skirts/pants.
//You can flaunt your abs, or lack of them.
//You can be super chic!

Outfit Details
Saree Blouse used as a Crop Top : Local Bazaar
Lace Tie-Up Belt-DIY
Skirt: Jabong.com
Shoes: Indiebazaar.com
Bag: Jessica Simpson

The rains are finally here, and I love them to bits!

June 13, 2013

Where Go the Boats?

Dark brown is the river.   
Golden is the sand.   
It flows along for ever,   
  With trees on either hand.   
Green leaves a-floating,        
  Castles of the foam,   
Boats of mine a-boating—   
  Where will all come home?   
On goes the river   
  And out past the mill,   
Away down the valley,   
  Away down the hill.   
Away down the river,   
  A hundred miles or more,   
Other little children   
  Shall bring my boats ashore.
-R.L. Stevenson

The above poem from the 'Child's Garden of Verse' is one of my favourites, it used to be a part of 
the school English text book as well!

The monsoon invariably brings with a sense of nostalgia. After the blazing hot summer months, so 
deeply moving is the feel of splattering rain drops and the moist cool that they bring, it is almost 
impossible to explain. 

The memories of school days and rainy mornings. The building of islands out of mud. The sailing 
of the paper boats. The acute child-like observation of the earthworms that made their appearance, 
and  slid about like harmless little snakes. The unexpected and joyous rainy-day holidays. My 
childhood birthdays, which came around the time the monsoons were at the most vengeful. The 
whistling winds, causing the tall Ashoka trees to bend against their will, laden with heavy moisture.

Such are my memories of the monsoon season, and so they will always remain. 


June 11, 2013

A Father's Day Gift with Arrow

Women's fashion can range from whimsical and decorative to tailored and classy, but a well dressed man must always be attired in the richest of fabrics with the most skilled cuts. This richness in men's fashion has always fascinated me, which is why when the ARROW store invited me to review their new collection, just in time for Father's Day(June 16th) , I jumped at the opportunity!

And I'm so glad I did. The New ARROW flagship store (at Bandra-Khar Linking Road) is drop dead gorgeous! Mr. Kalpesh, the store manager, very kindly showed me around. Spread over two floors of pure opulence, the store is a treat to the eyes!

The various collections are displayed in appropriately designed spaces, giving you a feel of the clothing even before you touch it.

Designed for the office of importance, the Presidents Collection from Arrow is a range of premium shirts with a beautiful finish. Its design is inspired by John F Kennedy! Sharp designs in rich hues are a perfect fit for special occasions.It is an apt gift for your dad, this Father's day.

I picked up a rich grey soft cotton shirt, specially recommended by the friendly store staff, for my dad. Can't wait to surprise him with it!

Other gifting options for your dad from the store include beautiful ties, cuff links, handkerchiefs, and other accessories. There's no way your dad cannot love and treasure this gift!

Do visit the store and share your ARROW experience here!


PS: This is a sponsored post, but be assured, that the views expressed and the awe experienced is entirely my own.

June 07, 2013

Schoolgirl Chic

Aah, remember those amazing school-days? The mandatory prim behavior, the compulsorily braided hair,  trimmed fingernails, the 4-fingers-above-the-knee skirt length(I went to a convent school) of the daily uniform. Back then, I took special pride in being an ideal student, and was a proper bookworm! Lots of things have changed now, thankfully, and sometimes I think I have aged backwards in terms of maturity!

But at times, I still want those days back, when life's greatest challenge would be to write the best possible essay for English class. Sigh.

PS: Somewhere between writing the above two paragraphs I got a sentimental and added a picture of my school. Isn't it extra-beautiful?

Outfit Details
Shirt-River Island
Skirt-Ginger from Lifestyle
Bow Tie-Old


June 05, 2013

Midweek Inspiration

For a change, I have decided to catch up on some reading this week. Besides re-reading some old classics, I'm digging into fashion magazines too! I recently found an old issue of Vogue in the library, which is their 5th Anniversary issue (October 2012) and boy, isn't it gorgeous? Its like this thick *makes a width-indicating gesture* and is so heavy that I can't read it lying down, because I cannot hold it up! It is amazingly full of fashion and art inspiration too!

For me, Fashion and Art are interchangeable. I derive most of my artistic inspiration from Fashion, and vice-versa! Which is why I particularly cherish this issue of W, which I picked up in New York last winter!

On a separate note about my fashion magazine reading habits, I always seem to read them a season too late, and I cannot care less. I always leaf through them for design and fashion inspiration, and not really for trends. Well, I have my fellow bloggers to update me on them! 

Anyway, here is a super-artistic fashion spread from Vogue. A little research later, I found out that Saira Wasim, the artist, specializes in Mughal Miniature Paintings with a modern twist. The outfits in the paintings are all copies of actual clothes by designers!

Now reading:
Age of Innocence-Edith Wharton
W-Fashion meets Art
October'12 Vogue!
Saffronart Catalogue

Hope you'll are having a fabulous week. Will be back with an outfit post,  soon!


June 02, 2013

Flower Power

How this outfit came about:

This dress and this bag is something I wear and carry around almost every other day. It is too hot to tolerate sleeves of any kind, and I say fervent prayers for the Rain to come soon! The only thing keeping me happy is the cheery flower print on this bag, isn't it super cute? I got it from a guy who makes these jute bags and sells them in the street market. 

Outfit Details
Lace Dress: Forever21
Head Flower: HnM
Shoes: Comfort Plus
Bag: Handmade, Street Shopped
Sunglasses: Linking Road