May 01, 2013

Travel Post: Gods Own Country

I visited the wedding of a close friend in Kerela. I had the most amazing time, and here is a photo documentation of my trip!

At the very onset, I was unduly attracted by the clouds outside my airplane window. Though it is not unusual for me to be besotted by things other people find quite commonplace.

"As I look out of my airplane window, I contemplate climbing these tall, ethreal mountains of the Gods, suspended in mid air; Standing, aloft on their mighty peaks, and feeling oh, so high.

Maybe I will wait until dark and reach up to touch the stars."

Then I looked down and saw mountains covered with coconut trees, and rivers meeting the seas. So I focused my thoughts on the world below. And I was not disappointed!

Green backwaters, mouthwatering local food, greenery everywhere, colourful houses, and a million temples, churches and mosques!

The wedding was a traditional affair, with food served in a banana leaf. I met new friends, witnessed new ceremonies, and braved the sweltering heat in a saree. I spent the next day taking in the sights of Cochin.

Cochin is a wonderful city. Colourful houses, flowers in full bloom and winding streets.The gulmohars here are red, vividly so. The seafront is clean, the the remnant traces of the Dutch colonization is quite delightful.

I have so many ideas lined up for outfit posts, haven't been able to take pictures because of the trip! Hope you've had a wonderful weekend too.


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Kamila Z said...

so pretty

amazing photos

Shanaya Sinner said...

The pictures came out lovely Shubhi :D and you look really pretty in sari :D
xoxo <3

Vix said...

I love Cochin and Kerala, this is bringing back memories of the month we spent there last year!
How beautiful do you look in your sari? Very! xxx

RaeAbigael said...

you take incredible photos! :)


Surbhi Suri said...

wow, the traditional look, really looks great, n I love the way u styled that sari too.Never seen u earlier wearing one !!

Juhi Salinkar said...

Loved this post - sometimes pictures speak volumes!!

Ritika Mahendru said...

Truth be told, you look super sexy in the first pic! Saree is the sexiest attire, no wonder! And love the pic with Lotus flowers! Nice post!

worryaboutitlater bianca said...

looks like a really lovely wedding and trip!! and love your dress


Chezka said...

Looked like such a pretty wedding :) lovely photos sweetie!


Shreeja Rajan said...

Oooohhh I love I love I love! and specially because I'm a Mallu Keralite ;)
U look lovelyyy in that sari dear and the pics are so awesome.. Elephant!! banana leaves.. Memories... <3
Loved it!!

~ M ~ said...

Ahem... you are welcome! ;)

Amazing pics!!

SJ said...

U look beautiful in saree Shubhi, and u wore it so well. Very elegant and pretty. Awesome clicks, I hope to visit South India soon. Its beautiful

how have u been? been a while :). Loving the recent posts

ashy said...

Great captures, Shubhi and you are looking so pretty in sari. loving this ethnic look on you :)

yati noah said...

you look lovely dear =)


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NitishShah said...

Nice images shubhi

I have follwed your blog, if you like tech news; follow my blog

Hello Future said...

It looks older pics but I must say these pictures and you really beautiful.

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