May 20, 2013

The Anthropologie Store in Philadelphia

Every once in a while, you enter a space that completely mesmerizes you with its interior design and atmosphere. The Anthropologie store in Philly did exactly that to me, last december! And since i'm on a small break from outfit shoots, I thought I must share these pictures with you!

It was so creatively done up, I felt like Alice in Wonderland! There were paintings used as carpets, doorknobs used as wall decoration, and fireplaces that went on top of each other, all the way up to the ceiling! The dizzingly round antique stairway went up and (down) four floors, with treats like ancient mirrors, life-sized paper reindeer, and crystal shard-garlands, on every landing. The huge asymmetric rope chandelier was awesome to look at!

The store is housed in the Rittenhouse Mansion, and the huge painted ceiling, stained glass, flooring, are left intact, and they go beautifully with the bohemian decor!

I have nothing much to say about the clothing, because the overpriced ethnic-looking stuff is something you easily find locally in India, so it made no sense for me to shop there!

But the store itself is awe-inspiring. If you're ever in Philadelphia, check it out!



RaeAbigael said...

this is very lovely! I wanna visit it and shop! :D


Mary Kapsi said...

Amazing photos!
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Vix said...

How gorgeous! It looks like a vintage shop, lots of character and on-off pieces displayed artistically! x

flysongbird said...

i agree with vix it's like a vintage shop!and so beautiful!

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Shreeja Rajan said...

Beautiful place and so creatively done.. love the vintage feel to it!
Lovely pics! :)

Elisabeth Lundberg said...

Love the creativity in the shots!

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