May 11, 2013

Style Influence: My Fair Lady

'My Fair Lady' is my favorite movie of all time. For those of you who've watched it, it is impossible to forget the cockney, loud-mouthed Eliza(played superbly by Audrey Hepburn) making an entrance at the Ascot, primly and beautifully turned out, for the first time, as a lady!

This costume itself is iconic. It got Cecil Beaton a Tony Award for Best Costume Design in 1957. It is amazing to observe how fashion forward this dress is, for those times! It incorporates the startling combination of white lace and striped black and white trimmings. It is bodycon, without looking overtly so. It exudes elegance and grandeur. And the hat-No words to describe that gorgeous, over-the-top creation!

Are you inspired? Well then, scroll down and see some modern day interpretation..



my fair lady3

White Lace, Ruffles, Bows, Black and White Stripes, and a little big of Floral thrown in..
And here are a few accessories!


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Do you like My Fair Lady? And if you haven't watched it yet, you should do so this weekend! It is hilarious; A classic not to be missed!



Sophie said...

the costume design for the film is beautiful! i love how smart the men look. have a great weekend xxx

I left my heart in Miami

Vix said...

The costume design was utterly magical, wasn't it?
I adore your contemporary take on it. x

flysongbird said...

i can see you in that dress in one of your magical photos!

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