May 26, 2013

Shubhi's 9 Printed Tee Styles You Should Know

What is the single, most important, yet underrated fashion staple of all time? Blazers, Maxi dresses, and Palazzo Pants have posts and articles written in their glory. Yet the underdog of the fashion world, the Printed Tee-Shirt, gets sadly overlooked!

While you're reading this right now, chances are, eight out of ten of you are wearing a tee-shirt. And a printed one at that! Tee-shirts are important. You get my point.

Before I begin writing, I must say I am not the biggest fan of printed tees. I spent my college years looking for plain tees which I religiously wore to class with denims, day after day. I took pains to stay away from tees which had chappals, apples, smileys, and other rad stuff printed on them, which were quite a rage in those final years of college!

Which is why, today, if I do buy myself a printed tee, I take great care to pick for myself the finest print of them all.
So lets decode this vast world of tee-shirt prints. If you got to stand out, you got to put a little bit of study into it!

guide to tees1

1*The Animal Face Tee: These have whole/faces of animals printed on them. Not to be confused with animal prints, these have huge tigers, cute baby dolphins, adorable cats. If your'e an animal lover(like me), what better way to express it? Realistic animals on tee-shirts look quite chic too, when paired with the right stuff!
Examples I've Seen: Wolf Face, Tiger Face, Cat faces.

2*The Text Tee: These tee-shirts are for the typographically inclined. What's written is as important as how its written, and the text may be a design in itself. Awesome stuff, this!

3*The Motif Tee: This category has a repetitive printed design all over it. From leopard spots to bows to flowers, this tee shirt will definitely be amazingly fashionable, no matter what! Also, it can be paired with formal-ish bottoms, unlike most other tees, which would look ridiculous paired that way!
Examples I've seen: Birds, Aztec/Tribal prints, Playboy bunnies, Polka dots, Stripes!


4*The Accessory Print Tee: This is an interesting and a fairly new trend, and I'm secretly proud of discovering this category! These tee shirts have an accessory(which is generally disjoint from clothing) printed right ON them, which makes them so intriguing! These tee shirts do subtle humor, and they will definitely be conversation starters!
Examples I've Seen: cameras, ties, bow ties, badges, brooches, belts, headphones!

Warning: You will still need to carry your own camera to click pictures, the one on your printed tee wont do much!

5*The Message Tee: These tees are fairly widespread, and say a message out loud. Beware of looking like a smart-mouth when you sport these. Also make sure you believe in the message your'e displaying out to the world, you don't want to be a hypocrite! Don't just pick them up randomly, because they are on an offer of Rs. 599 for 3 at the Mall.
My tip: stick to civilized, witty, and classy messages.

6*The Brand or Logo Tee: These tee shirts have a logo or a brand name emblazoned across the chest! Think band tees, football club tees, or the 'Being Human' tees. The above pointers regarding The Message Tee apply here. Make sure its a brand you love! /or are paid to endorse!

tee guide 2

7*The Cartoon Tee: Hey, we all love these. They look cool, bring out the kid in you, plus they are always in vogue. They look cool paired with casual denims, skirts, and shorts!

8*The Photo Printed Tee: These tees have realistic photos printed right on them. The photographs can be of anything, anything at all! You can borrow from their colour schemes and pair them with appropriately coloured bottoms!

9*The Symbol Tee: These tees have a single symbol/icon printed on them. Fashion-wise, I give them the status of the Motif Tee! They look great with anything! Don't bother too much about the symbol on it, unlike the Brand/Message Tee. Just follow a few basic ground rules, like if your'e a straight guy, you don't want to wear a Tee with a Heart on it!

So how many categories do you own? Do you find that you prefer one category over another?
 Do let me know in the comments!



Sophie said...

i think they're really cute and great to wear with leggings or shorts during the summer xxx

I left my heart in Miami

worryaboutitlater bianca said...

animal print is the best I guess :)


Sonshu said...

I must say that this post was very well researched. Absolutely love printed tees :D I can't choose, but I love to wear them because they are casual and dressy all in one.


SJ said...

after being a non tee person, I am suddenly in the tshirt club. Dont like the animal prints, but the motifs are quite cool.

I am Khatu said...

I couldn't agree more! I was thinking the other day how I need to add some to my wardrobe.

petra lorietta said...

great selection!:) love motifs, especially crosses and moustaches! nice blog! do you want to follow each other on facebook? just let me know ;)

MateaTPol said...

I like all your selections, wonderfull tees

Alicia said...

great blog :) i like this post too much. kisses from spain.

flysongbird said...

i am actually lounging in my mum's torn old night gown but lets not go there..i love printed tees..i think they are awesome..i love the stuff you have chosen..i always pick up tees with some character to it..unless it's a basic solid black or white that i need to layer..i even have a studded vest..

Paint Me Blooming said...

Your selection is just as usual, a prefect delight!
You truly now what fabric or color to pick up and how to mix them together! I think they all are an enchantment for the eyes!

Have a nice day!

Aditi So-Saree said...

Hi Shubhi,
Fantastic Post. Like I always say..u r too matured for ur age...n this post is just one of the many things that proves my point. I really loved your compilation here. Good job Girl.

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