May 29, 2013

Land of Elephants


I have nothing much to say now except to brag that I have a decently amazing memory. And so do elephants! I relate important happenings in my life to the clothes I had worn then, how weird is that!
Outfit Details:
Blazer: Forever21
Elephant Pants and Cuffs: Street Shopped in Cochin
Striped vest: American Eagle Outfitters
Chain Necklace: Ayesha Accessories
Shoes: Indiebazaar



Shanaya Sinner said...

*Same pinch*
we both have the same necklace :D
Love the outfit, so chic !
xoxo <3 said...

hmmm...I sometimes forget what I was wearing on certain occasions but I always remember what others were werid is that! :)

Aditi So-Saree said...

Gosh...I love the animal print pants..! N i love u for putting this awesome look together.
N its not at all weird to relate imp events in ur life wid the clothes u wore..i do that too..!;)
Great Minds...haa..!

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Samyukta ISimplyLoveMakeUp said...

So love the outfit! Its so quirky! And I am in love with your chain neck piece!!!

Ritika Mahendru said...

Love those pants! You have styled them quite differently! Nice!

Rhea said...

Very chic blazer! <3

Keit said...

I have such a bad memory, I envy you! :D
Spectacular outfit, love the pants!

Vix said...

I've a scarily good memory!
You look so beautiful, those trousers rock! xxx


Such a nice style you have!
Follow each other?

Rupa said...

Love these pants....

flysongbird said...

i love the the blazer..and the whole combination is so quirky!

Michelle Verpuggi said...

looking nice

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Louise said...

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Sonshu said...

Gorgeous necklace, blazer and pants completed with the lovely shoes. Of course love the subtle yet pretty eye makeup! You never fail to impress!