April 04, 2013

Shubhi's Seven Summer Must Haves

Summer ShortsSummer and Shorts. They are an inseparable combination, like Tea and Biscuits. Make sure your shorts have an interesting quality,like a fun print, a different fabric, or frayed edges. "Aren't denim shorts a staple?" Yes they are. A staple for boring people. (For the trend conscious, Bermuda shorts are all the rage now.)  Keywords: Short, Different-from-other-shorts.

 Awesome Flats. You have to spend some time looking for these, and when you see them, you'll know they're for you. They can be matched with anything, especially with killer painted toenails. Keywords: open toed, colourful, different.

Summer Dresses. The phrase immediately has me picturing girls in floating chiffon dresses twirling in a meadow. But that's just because I have an over-dramatic mind. Summer Dress have no fixed pattern. Generally, they are of a light material(Cotton is awesome!), and have ample ventilation. In better words, they have short /no sleeves, and the hemline is as short as you want it to be.  Keywords: Light, Cool, Pretty.Sunscreen is definitely a beauty must-have. Pick a tried and tested brand, choose a high SPF above 40, and lather it on. Mix it with moisturizer if you have dry skin. Oh well, you already knew all that!  Keyword: Protection!

Tote Bags are made in fashion and utility heaven. They are quirky, have an interesting print, and are capable of carrying your WORLD around, in them. Make sure you have additional coin purses and pouches to hold your important stuff in the tote (They generally have no pockets/compartments) or else your innocent tote can take the guise of a black hole, where everything goes in and nothing comes out of. Keywords: Large, quirky, utility.

flower crown

Sigh. A Flower Crown. I would have put this on top of the Summer Must Have list, but that is just because I'm so frivolous. A summer crown has absolutely no physical utility. It does, however, do things to your head. It makes you feel you are an 18th century princess. Or a nymph in a forest. Lets look closer home. Indian goddesses and princesses wore flowers in the hair too. So please lets follow the herd, shall we?  Keywords: Dreamy, Happiness Inducing.

What are your summer essentials? Do let me know in the comments! Or leave me a word on facebook!

Lots of Love


~ M ~ said...

Nice list! Seriously, a flower crown?? :P

Aditi So-Saree said...

Really cute compilation..i want all of them..right frm the shorts to the hairband.

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Keit said...

The shorts are on my wishlist since foreveeer! And flower crown is so cute, I don't think it would look good on me though :D

Richa Tiwari said...

Definitely agree with all these summer must-haves! I love the flower crown - so cute and so you! :)


ashy said...

aah, I am planning to be in India this summer and the only thing I could see from the list is the sun-care! gonna need lots of it :)

Ksenia said...

i love flower!

Deepali Suryawanshi said...

Great list.Loved the addition of a flower crown :)