March 03, 2013


The post is titled 'Space', which is ironically just the thing my room lacks. But it is still my 'space'.(Trying to be all vague and literary here.) Overall, I would say my room is pretty busy and crowded, because in it, Iv'e stuffed everything that is 'me'. 

And I am a lot of things. 

But mostly, I am a collector. Souvenirs from various countries that my friends and loved ones have visited, litter walls and showcases. 

Of Stamps, and Art books.

Of all kinds of books, actually. And this is the tip of the iceberg. The problem with being a dedicated collector is that you have to be a curator for your collection as well. And arrange things neatly. And need a museum to keep it all in. I am, and have, neither.

This is my favorite corner of the room. These vintage dancers are from an antique shop from Hastings-on Hudson(Wrote a post about this a year back).
The Poster is a vague attempt at Typography by your's truly. And the guitar is strummed according to will and mood. I like my music, in private. No one is allowed to listen, (because I generally don't like things thrown at me.) Aren't the origami boats cute?

Painting Gear.  I paint sometimes, like here.
The cat. She's small, but she has to sit in the middle of my bed. Dead center.
The closet. (The only fashiony part of this post.) The belts. The flowers. The earrings. Oh well, you know all that!

How does your room look? Is is cluttered and filled with all the dear stuff you just can't part with, or is it clean, sunshiny, and spaced out?(If so, you are in my 'I Envy' list.) Outfit post will be up next, stay tuned! 



Marite said...

Oh stamps and art books, and guitar <3 - and your cat is so cute with those yellow tone eyes. :)
Have a great day! ^^

Aditi So-Saree said...

Beautiful Shubhi.
This space is very rightly that of an artist. U r too talented n artistic for ur age. Your posts r always so artistically done...that it amazed me. But this room explains it all. I have so much more respect for u.
N as far as my room is concerned its really bad..n my things r screaming for u r on my ' I envy' list.


songbird said...

your room is beautiful..i would love to sit there and just go through all your treasures..

Shreeja Rajan said...

Lovely pics!! Awesome! <3

Vix said...

I love this sneak peek, makes me feel like I know you a little more! Your kitty is beautiful, even if she's a cheeky madam. xxx

bianca f said...

very beautiful pics!!


Helena Nicolau said...

Thanks for your sweet comment in my blog, do you want to follow each other? just let me know and i follow you back. see you and a one big kiss

Surbhi Suri said...

thanks so much for allowing common mortals like us to go n peek into an artists room. hats off for creativity,and that lovely diy u did.


Fash Era said...

very cute pics..and i love the way u have set ur place :D
tks for ur visit sweets

Yuli Conversations said...

Hey darling!
Wondering if you would like to follow each other?
Please let me know, i follow back right away!

LOSAWAY said...

so beautiful photos!

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