March 29, 2013

Indian Summer

Indian Summer is all about bogunvella blooms, mangoes, and lazy droning bees. This is an outfit I put together with more Indian elements than I usually do! And I love it! Do you?

This fuchsia top is a latest find at Colaba Causeway, so are the super cool white salwar pants.

Featuring my favourite white rose, and lots of silver accessories from here and there.The necklace is actually a silver coin purse from Kashmir, gifted by a friend who also (incidentally) took these pictures:)

I am anything but a mall rat, and unique handmade accessories with a twist generally make me go starry eyed and dreamy...
Which is also why I am not much into the hordes of online shopping sites you see on the web all 
selling the same branded stuff..

But when I saw this site called, I went crazy browsing!
Crotchet flower hair clips(You know how much i love flowers on the head) , funky artsy handbags, jackets, crotchet foot thongs(yeah you heard me right!), and a great many really artistic products!

Its sort of like an Indian, with small as well as big designers queuing up to sell their products at pretty decent prices...If anything, it is definitely worth a look for people who like the unique and handcrafted!



fashion-meets-art said...

wonderful pictures. you are so pretty.
happy eater!
lovely greets
maren anita


Vix said...

Absolutely stunning, I love the huge hair flower & those pants! xxx

Aditi So-Saree said...

Another beautiful look put together. the setting is perfect.
u look pretty.


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Shanaya Sinner said...

Your looking fab girl :D Love what your wearing :D
xoxo <3

Sonshu said...

You look so pretty. Love the huge flower! Also, the necklace. Can't believe that's a coin purse. You sure have a creative gene.

<3 You go girl!


Marika said...

You are so beautiful dear !

Adorable House said...

So pretty :)

Cece said...

its full of peace
It would really mean a lot if you check out my blog :">

songbird said...

i love everything you do on the this as well..i checked out indiebazaar the other day..they have some really nice shoes..

Real College Student of Atlanta said...

these photos are gorgeous!!

Style by Three said...

You look beautiful!! Great pictures!! We’re now following you via gfc and facebook :)

Hope you visit us and follow back if you like! Style by Three Blog
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Ksenia said...

so beautıful pıctures!
i wanna go to India

Tanya said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm following you.

Loved the photos, you look cute^^


MbF said...

I love the pants. The whole outfit is fresh. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too when the spirit moves you.