March 05, 2013

Dots and Dashes

Some outfits are a no brainier.  I put this together in exactly 3 minutes, (I was supposed to go shopping with mom and put off getting dressed till the VERY last minute.) and ended up feeling that I didn't do much of a good job. But that's for you to decide. 

Black, lace, dots, and stripes. 

Dress: Thrifted
Jacket: Forever21
Shoes, cuff, ring: Local Boutique

While my fellow bloggers from the west are crying about how that can feel the spring coming but its not quite here yet, the Mercury  levels in Mumbai are at an all time high. Pff. 



Alexandra said...

beautiful romantic look) Great pictures!
Have a fabulous time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

Shreeja Rajan said...

Love love love the whole look of dots and sashes and that awesome dash of red!

Francy Stef said...

You look gorgeous!! Love the combination of stripes and polka dots!!!
Chic With The Least
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Vix said...

For a thrown together look it's fabulous. Love the polka dots and stripes and the pop of pink. Thumbs up from me! xxx

Bruja Ness said...

You look great! I love polka dots and how you paired it with the striped jacket, its so trendy that print mix!
Brujaness Fb

Surbhi Suri said...

I am sure u caused a lot of people a sprain on their neck with this fantastic head turner look.
I can never do this in three mins. never:)

Maneeta Bhansali said...

Absolutely love your jacket and your bag. And yes, combination of polka dots & stripes is looking very stylish and trendy.

Shreya J said...

That's a great look in 3 mins!Love the dash of red against to neutrals.

Aditi So-Saree said...

Gorgeous as always..!
If u do this in a few mins..i wonder what you would do with an hour.
God bless..n keep rocking.

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compah-keyeke theresa said...

hi. ... lovely blog by the way.
im ur newest follower and id really appreciate u visitin my blog and following back. see u pretty soon ok.

Voilà! said...

Beautiful photography! I love the sepia tone and the bag with the polka dots is so cute! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I've followed you. :)



Kati said...

Really like how these pictures turned out. And your dress and jacket combination is so pretty!

Have a nice day,

Keit said...

You did a wonderful job dear. Especially like the amazing cardigan and bag ^^

songbird said...

i love these last minute outfits...they are so much more's like a creative test..stripes and dots = perfect

bianca f said...

lovely outfit!
like the combination of stripes and dots :)


Marisa Noelle said...

The muted tones in these photos really make them so dreamy :-) I love the dots and stripes together - gorgeous. Definitely a combination I need to wear more often.

xo Marisa