March 29, 2013

Indian Summer

Indian Summer is all about bogunvella blooms, mangoes, and lazy droning bees. This is an outfit I put together with more Indian elements than I usually do! And I love it! Do you?

This fuchsia top is a latest find at Colaba Causeway, so are the super cool white salwar pants.

Featuring my favourite white rose, and lots of silver accessories from here and there.The necklace is actually a silver coin purse from Kashmir, gifted by a friend who also (incidentally) took these pictures:)

I am anything but a mall rat, and unique handmade accessories with a twist generally make me go starry eyed and dreamy...
Which is also why I am not much into the hordes of online shopping sites you see on the web all 
selling the same branded stuff..

But when I saw this site called, I went crazy browsing!
Crotchet flower hair clips(You know how much i love flowers on the head) , funky artsy handbags, jackets, crotchet foot thongs(yeah you heard me right!), and a great many really artistic products!

Its sort of like an Indian, with small as well as big designers queuing up to sell their products at pretty decent prices...If anything, it is definitely worth a look for people who like the unique and handcrafted!


March 24, 2013

Lost in a Paper Boat

Paper Boat Head-band -DIY
Tee-Splash(Front at the Back)

This is definitely one of the most theatrical outfits I've worn on the blog. The headband is a DIY, I love it. And I really like the idea of wearing the tee back to front, so that the deep V part of the neckline is at the back..It basically gives you two different tees at the same time! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend...


March 22, 2013

Classic Flamboyance

Classic Flamboyance

Every once a while you create an outfit on Polyvore that you would die to own. And you post it on your blog just because you want the world to see it. Even though you have outfit posts waiting in the drafts folder.

Because dreams should be given a chance, too.

How do you like the new blog layout? I am pretty psyched about it. And have I some FAQs answered on the right hand side! Ask me some more, if you have them. See you on Monday with an outfit post, folks!


March 17, 2013

A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That.

So I am back, with a bang! Spent a week preparing and appearing for Design Interviews! And I am exhausted, but glad to be back. 

I can't figure this outfit out. Keywords are: Stripes, Rose, Blazer. Can I hear you go "Eh?" But its okay. It just goes to show that I'm a pretty mixed up kind of a person, but I get along just fine anyway. Now that's Optimism.

Tee, Blazer: Forever21 sale.
Flower Clip: Michaels (They were selling these for brides and white wedding decorations. I grabbed one anyway.)
Shoes: From my Travels
Bracelet: From here

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! 


March 14, 2013

DIY : Purse Primping

 This purse was street shopped in a local market. It had been lying around in my closet for sometime, and I decided to give it a face lift .  It already had this pretty braid all around it, so all it needed was some painted-on Polka dots!

Materials: Brush, Acryllic/Fabric Paints in the desired shade.

It is important to note that the shade of polka dots you choose can make or break the new look of your bag. I decided to go for this dreamy, almost neon pink shade(That I got by mixing two shades)   , which has (thank heavens)  ended up looking preppy and fun!
Another colour, like perhaps red, would have looked boring and predictable.

Another tip: Choose a plain bag, with not too many embellishments or buckles.

Too many instructions?  Never mind. Just do your thing, clip on a flower or a bow, and you have your own unique DIY primped purse!

 I apologize that I haven't been replying to blog comments off late..It is unforgivable of me! But I've been so swamped(Preparing for design interviews), that the posts are just getting auto-published from my drafts...I'll be back full swing next week!


March 10, 2013

Call it Spring

First of all, I apologize that I haven't been replying to blog comments off late..It is unforgivable of me! But I've been so swamped(Preparing for design interviews), that the posts are just getting auto-published from my drafts...I'll be back full swing next week!

So this is how I plan to tackle the insanely  hot spring in India. Gorgeous crushed cotton to keep me cool, sunblock to keep me fair, and the good old pop of neon to keep me happy!

I'm in love with this gorgeous kurta which I altered in bits and pieces to fit my small frame...the belt was the final touch!
Crushed cotton kurta worn as a dress-BIBA
Belt: HnM


March 08, 2013

Fashion Meets Art

As you may already know, art combined with fashion is my one big inspiration.
And I would die for those shoes. The curved lines, the almost-sculptural quality of their design...*sigh*

Also, I am officially ready to welcome the gloriously hot Spring in India. Which means, that I have my sunscreen, dupattas, scarves, hats, and parasol ready.

So this is it, short and sweet, for today. Outfit post up sooon!


March 05, 2013

Dots and Dashes

Some outfits are a no brainier.  I put this together in exactly 3 minutes, (I was supposed to go shopping with mom and put off getting dressed till the VERY last minute.) and ended up feeling that I didn't do much of a good job. But that's for you to decide. 

Black, lace, dots, and stripes. 

Dress: Thrifted
Jacket: Forever21
Shoes, cuff, ring: Local Boutique

While my fellow bloggers from the west are crying about how that can feel the spring coming but its not quite here yet, the Mercury  levels in Mumbai are at an all time high. Pff. 


March 03, 2013


The post is titled 'Space', which is ironically just the thing my room lacks. But it is still my 'space'.(Trying to be all vague and literary here.) Overall, I would say my room is pretty busy and crowded, because in it, Iv'e stuffed everything that is 'me'. 

And I am a lot of things. 

But mostly, I am a collector. Souvenirs from various countries that my friends and loved ones have visited, litter walls and showcases. 

Of Stamps, and Art books.

Of all kinds of books, actually. And this is the tip of the iceberg. The problem with being a dedicated collector is that you have to be a curator for your collection as well. And arrange things neatly. And need a museum to keep it all in. I am, and have, neither.

This is my favorite corner of the room. These vintage dancers are from an antique shop from Hastings-on Hudson(Wrote a post about this a year back).
The Poster is a vague attempt at Typography by your's truly. And the guitar is strummed according to will and mood. I like my music, in private. No one is allowed to listen, (because I generally don't like things thrown at me.) Aren't the origami boats cute?

Painting Gear.  I paint sometimes, like here.
The cat. She's small, but she has to sit in the middle of my bed. Dead center.
The closet. (The only fashiony part of this post.) The belts. The flowers. The earrings. Oh well, you know all that!

How does your room look? Is is cluttered and filled with all the dear stuff you just can't part with, or is it clean, sunshiny, and spaced out?(If so, you are in my 'I Envy' list.) Outfit post will be up next, stay tuned!