February 24, 2013

Style Spotting at Kala Ghoda

Kala Ghoda is the annual Art, Music and Literature fest held in Mumbai. I always miss visiting it, but this year, I firmly resolved to make time and explore it! And I was not disappointed. The overall atmosphere was colourful and carival-ish, with amazing street-art installations mostly made out of natural or recyclable materials..

But what caught my eye were the people themselves. Afterall, a creatively dressed person is a walking art installation! So I snapped a few candid street style photos....hope you like them! :)

I lovee how beautiful my city is! Well parts of it are, atleast. I can't wait to catch the musical events there, next year! I made a collage of all the textures captured at the festival, you can see it here.. 



Kamila Z said...

fine pics :)

Nattie said...

amazing pictures what a great post!!


Angel Walia said...

lovely post..loved the pictures

Liora said...

Lovely pictures!


Vix said...

I adore your city and never tire of looking at it! x

Bruja Ness said...

Lovely photos, I like the recycling decor so much! It give me some party decor ideas!

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Sayantini Bhattacharya said...

Another wonderful post by you Subhi. Love all the snaps :)

Janna said...

Great post! I love festivals and watching people there. You took some pretty good pics :)


Keit said...

WOw, you did an excellent job ^_^ Love the colorful photos!

Ksenia said...

wonferful dear!

Surbhi Suri said...

I heartily enjoyed all the street style photos. Personally I prefer them over Any arty stuff !

Lisa Yang said...

lovely photos:)


Shelby said...

Oh my word. I am in love with this post!! So lovely. People watching is always the best part. :)



Lens & anything Else said...

Really love these pictures!!!

bianca f said...

wow looks very lovely


MateaTPol said...

great colorfull photos!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures !!! Very much!!! :)
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Rebecca said...

Incredible festival! I am loving all the fun street style shots!


Geraldine Chua said...

Great pictures! I love how everything is so colourful and fun :)

x Gi

Aditi So-Saree said...

Lovely post.
I have been trying to attend the fest for the longest time...but keep missing it. Maybe nxt year. Mumbai has become a really style conscious city..n I love observing the street style.

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JAL. said...

great 'colored' photos !!