February 05, 2013

Accessory Post: Silver Danglers

I love accessories. My taste in jewellery is quite wide and unbiased. Gold or silver, diamond or ruby, I do not discriminate. (gift hint gift hint.) Indian jewellery, in general, is so rich and varied. There are intricate designs, varied materials, and distinctive regional styles. Its quite a wonder, really. 

 This post features my new silver earrings, which are a gift from Gujarat! 

Aren't they delightful? Scarlett O'Hara said that dangling earrings always made a girl appear more spirited, because they bobbed as she moved her head. And that's exactly how I feel when I wear these. The happy feeling and the tinkling sound of them in my ears make them totally worth it, despite their weight!


PS: This post was supposed to be published yesterday, it was scheduled so!Wonder why it didn't. Ah well, even softwares don't listen to you these days. 


Alexandra said...

U are absolutelly right, Indian jewellery is so gorgeous!!! Great pictures as well!
Have a fabulous time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

Keit said...

Oh, they are fantastic!!!! So unique! You look very pretty, as always :P

Aditi So-saree said...

Ha..don't know abt the software..but your followers really do listen to u. The earrings are pretty, but u make them look gorgeous. I love the way the pics r clicked..its very beautiful.

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Graphic Tee Shirts said...

Yes these delightfull and it suits u well.

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Shreya J said...

Love these local crafted jewellery.Especially the gorgeous contrast when they're paired with westerns!

Anupriya DG said...

Aah! Nothing like Indian jewellery!!! Pretty earrings! <3

Liora said...

Your earrings are lovely!


Vix said...

Those earrings are absolutely beautiful and so are these close-up pictures of you. xxx

songbird said...

i am pretty unbiased when it comes to jewelllery as well..just that i am not a fan of too much bling and certain gold designs..but i love yyout danglers!!!

Adrielle said...

nice earrings!

fusionforever said...

You got these from Gujjuland! I am from Guj too! I love the jewellery there..

Pretty pretty earrings. And they would go with just anything..