February 27, 2013

Blue Morning Haze

There are times when you don't want to say much. Watch the wind playing with your accordion dress, twirl around a bit, and feel the cool morning air on your skin.

And reflect. 


Outfit Details:
Dress: French Connection
Blazer: HnM
HairBand-Street Shopped
Pumps: New York

 Had so much fun shooting this post with two friends. The chair prop was my idea, the photography, entirely their work! Had to get away from the city to get spaced-out pictures, but it is well worth the effort! what do you think?


February 24, 2013

Style Spotting at Kala Ghoda

Kala Ghoda is the annual Art, Music and Literature fest held in Mumbai. I always miss visiting it, but this year, I firmly resolved to make time and explore it! And I was not disappointed. The overall atmosphere was colourful and carival-ish, with amazing street-art installations mostly made out of natural or recyclable materials..

But what caught my eye were the people themselves. Afterall, a creatively dressed person is a walking art installation! So I snapped a few candid street style photos....hope you like them! :)

I lovee how beautiful my city is! Well parts of it are, atleast. I can't wait to catch the musical events there, next year! I made a collage of all the textures captured at the festival, you can see it here.. 


February 20, 2013

Winged Eyes

 Winged eyeliners are fun to do, and give a very classic  look to your entire outfit. They also provide plenty of drama, which is something I cannot do without!

Here's an Image I found on Tumblr that summarizes pretty much all the Winged Eye Liner Styles you can do..I think mine's closest to D&G! With a hint of the Manish Arora style thrown in because, mine slants upwards right till my eyebrows.(I'm glad, I ADORE Manish Arora, he does my country proud!)

Of course while I was making the line(learning to sweep the perfect eyeliner is one of the most frustrating things EVER), I had no idea which of the above styles it was going to be!

I used an eye pencil as a base, and defined the actual line with Lakme Eyeliner. I don't wear Mascara, but you can, If you want to highlight your eyelashes! :)

Excuse the extreme closeup headshots, and the fact that my nose looks like Pinocchio's in the first picture!

Overall, this look is  fun, retro, and great for parties. It works for people with smaller or medium sized eyes I think...If you have large expressive doe eyes, you don't really need to emphasize them!
Steer clear of  any other makeup with this look, except for a soft lipstick finished with transparent lip gloss.

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February 16, 2013

Shubhi in Origami-Butterfly Land

This silk scarf is one treasure I own, which belonged to my dear grandmother. It is vintage and has a beautiful print! I'm always unsure of how to tie it around my neck however, I generally twist it quite bizarrely.
Tee from GAP, Red bag from HnM, Ring from Ginger.

That's my amazing camera you see in the last image, which clicks most of the pictures you see on this blog. :)

This post was made at the Kalaghoda Art Festival in Mumbai. As you see, my trusty I<3NY tote still accompanies me everywhere, though I take care to keep it out of my photographs most of the time..

Lots of Love,

February 13, 2013

Valentine's Heart Cookies

Valentine's Day is for doing something special for the ones you love. And what could be more special than baking someone a batch of their favourite cookies? 

   Here is an easy recipe I used! Takes about 45 minutes in total!


1/2 cup butter
1 cup plain flour (maida)
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
100 gms Chocolate Powder( Drinking Chocolate)
2 to 3 tbsp milk


*Preheat Oven to 180 degrees Celsius

*Whisk the butter and sugar together until properly mixed, and soft and creamy. 
(dip in a finger to check-and taste!)

*Add the Vanilla Essence and Chocolate, and mix again.
(You can substitute drinking chocolate with pieces of a chocolate bar)

*Add Flour, and make a dough. 
(Roll up your sleeves for this one!)

*Roll with a rolling pin, cut heart shapes with a cookie-cutter, and place in a baking tray. 
(grease the tray with more butter.)

*Bake for 25 minutes. Let them cool. 
(Meanwhile, enjoy the baking aroma.)

*Wrap prettily and gift them to your parents, friends, pets, or that someone special!
(And get Lots of Love in return!)

Makes 10 cookies.


February 12, 2013

Play Day in Lace

This outfit exudes sophistication-With a demure lace blouse, and the soft romantic pleated trousers.
A perfect outfit to wear to a Valentine's Day brunch..or to spend a hazy spring day with someone special!

It, however has an unexpected twist- Layered neck pieces!
The gold flower patterned necklace sits closely at the neck, while the colourful and playful Owl pendant necklace adds the element of quirk and fun!

Open toed spring sandals would finish off this outfit perfectly, don't you think?

All pieces are from the spring collection of Splash

February 09, 2013

Of Braids and Woodland Leaves

I have an obsession for farylike, mystical pictures. So I set out to make just those, with this look! And I think I'm going to try more braids in the future definitely, because I have long hair now. In fact it is as long as I can take,  and I think I am going to befriend braided hairstyles until I cut it shorter!

The hair style is so easy to do, just braid a thick section of your hair on one side (just above your ear) and then pull it to the other side over your head like a hair-band! Pin, and add a flower or clip(or not), and you are all set! Leave the rest of the hair loose or tie it up in a bun...simple!

 Dress: Forever21
Shoes, Earrings: Street Shopped
Jacket: Thrifted
Necklace: Shopper's Stop

Do you like this look? What kind of braids are your favourite? Do let me know!:)


February 05, 2013

Accessory Post: Silver Danglers

I love accessories. My taste in jewellery is quite wide and unbiased. Gold or silver, diamond or ruby, I do not discriminate. (gift hint gift hint.) Indian jewellery, in general, is so rich and varied. There are intricate designs, varied materials, and distinctive regional styles. Its quite a wonder, really. 

 This post features my new silver earrings, which are a gift from Gujarat! 

Aren't they delightful? Scarlett O'Hara said that dangling earrings always made a girl appear more spirited, because they bobbed as she moved her head. And that's exactly how I feel when I wear these. The happy feeling and the tinkling sound of them in my ears make them totally worth it, despite their weight!


PS: This post was supposed to be published yesterday, it was scheduled so!Wonder why it didn't. Ah well, even softwares don't listen to you these days. 

February 02, 2013

Gold and Crystal Necklace Facebook Giveaway

I've never had a giveaway yet, and now that I am for the first time, I thought it had to be something special.

So it is this necklace I purchased back in New York, isn't it beautiful?

The giveaway is only for my Indian Facebook fans. Last date is 16 February, 2013. You can find my Facebook page here

The rules are simple.
1. Like my Facebook page
2.Share and Tag 5 friends in this post.
3.Comment done under the above post

Good luck girls! And my heartfelt apology to all my international readers, I will have to think up of an amazing enough giveaway for you guys too, soon!

Lots of Love,