January 22, 2013

Oh, Philadelphia!

Philladelphia is a beautiful, beautiful city. It is just the right amount of energy, culture, and tranquility. And oh, for some inconceivable reason, there are a million sculptures there! 

The thought of slipping on the ice makes me laugh. I doubt if actually doing so would have. I was saved by my amazing sense of balance, because by lovely tan nine west shoes have virtually no grip!

Furry scarf(Which keeps the neck so warm!) Banana Republic.
Boots: Nine West
Cap: HnM
Overcoat: Sister's



seraphicgirl1986 said...

Shubhi, you look adorable-especially in the 3rd picture! Love your look. I saw a similar coat at Will's lifestyle the other day!

Asta said...

this is my kinda outfit..i live in cold place so no matter what i wear, i gotta wrap my neck with something warm..if i want to survive!

glad to have found your blog. following you.


Surbhi Suri said...

U look fabulous,and the pics are so well taken !
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Aditi So-saree said...

U look so fab. I have been chking ur blof every day since 9 th jan which was ur last post. Glad u posted.


Aditi So-saree said...

I so love ur blog. Have been chking it every day since 9th jan which was ur last post. Glad u posted. Keep it up.


Midheta Agic said...

Super chic ! Love it !
Would u like to follow each other ?


Lisina Betty said...

lovely blog..kisses....
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Ileana said...

These pictures are amazing! Im always sooo worried of slipping in the snow :D


Vix said...

What a stunning location and such a classy outfit befitting of such grandeur! x