January 30, 2013

Not Exactly Me

As you know, i'm a more flowers, beads and lose flowy tops kind of a person. And if you are new here, you can jump right back to my previous post and see it for yourself! But when I got invited by a friend to be a part of the Mumbai Royal Enfield Republic Day Rally, I knew I had to play the part! So I geared up, jacket, boots, helmet and all.

And it turned out to be awesome fun. There were a huge number of bikers from all over the city, waving their banners and sporting the Tricolour flag!

Photo from Facebook

Its too hot to wear leather in Mumbai, I wouldn't dream of it...so I did the best I could. This striped jacket is one of my favourite pieces, I last wore it here
As for the boots, they are my love. I spent a month walking miles in them in Manhattan, and they are super comfortable!

Striped Jacket: Forever 21
Blue Tee-Banana Republic

Are you a bikes and studs and tatoos kind of  a person? What would you wear to a bike rally? Do let me know in the comments!



Alexandra said...

U look amazing! Lovely jacket)) Great pictures as well!
Have a fabulous time!

Best wishes, Alexandra

seraphicgirl said...

Shubhi! I love your striped jacket. I have been in love with bikes and jeeps all my life. For an occasion such as this I would have worn calf high boots (which have a platform heel) and a tank top. Also I would steal that jacket of yours ;)

Your helmet is damn cute-like that of Kalki in That girl in yellow boots-absolutely adore it!

Vix said...

I'd loved to have been at The Royal Enfield rally! I love those bikes, one of my favourite things (of which there of many) I love seeing in India.
Yopur outfit is fab, cool and edgy and the perfect alternative to leather! I'm wearing leather today but it's 25 degrees cooler in England! xxx

Adrielle said...

thanks for your comment! you look lovely!
how about following each other?

parisian-fairytale said...

I loove this outfit so much ! and you look amazing btw :)

Rosa C. said...

I love your blog!! Follow us?
new follower
Chocolate Rose Style

bianca f said...

lovely outfit :)
like you "other" sthyle too, but this also really suits you


Shreeja Rajan said...

Looking gr8! U indeed played the part really well! :)

Sienna R. said...

Wow, such an awesome photoshoot~! Love your outfit~!

Kiara Johnson said...

U sure look the part,the pulled off the look very well.Your jacket looks cool

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Noemi Sorace said...

Wow! I like your outfit :) Thanks for your comment on my blog.. I follow you,returns if you want.. Kisses


Janna said...

Thanks! Awesome change of style, really like it :) I'll soon answer your letter, but at the moment I'm quite busy. x Janna

songbird said...

you look awesomely cool!

Count To Four said...

wow amazing photos! and you look great as well :)




Your photos are great -so artistic! Very informative and clear I really enjoyed browsing through your blog :) Would you like to follow each other? I always follow back :) I just followed you on GFC, hope you will too :) Looking forward to more posts from you! More power!


Viola said...

Gorgeous photos!!! Love!


fhenny said...

you look amazing!
love the photos!
style frontier

descude said...

Great blog! So glad I found you, I'm a new follower :)


ashy said...

oooh, my biker babe! that striped jacket n cobalt blue look is awesome!
striking pics as usual )