July 31, 2012

Why I Love the Monsoon

 Here in India, we have a thriving Monsoon season for four lovely months of the year! And the dark rainy clouds do a nice job of covering up a hot blazing peak-summer sun! What bliss!

I experienced this when I was on a flight recently...As the plane took off from what was a lovely dark day, and climbed higher in the sky...higher, through the clouds...and Bam! There the blinding Sun was! I had to shut my eyes for a second to get used to the light! Thank God for the clouds:)

I got a bit poetic about it too:D

"It feels like morning all day..
without a clock you'd be lost!
no hint of time till the cloudy night makes its way..
Ahh, I love the monsoon!"

So here's why:

Fresh Fruits, Fresh everything!

I don't have to water the plants in my window!

Monsoon Sales at all the shops..Ooooooh:D How cool is this design on this tee-shirt?

Storms lashing in the trees and the wind whistling in my window...exciting:D

New black rainy shoes that I can slip into, wherever I go, without thinking!

Neon umbrellas everywhere..

 My very-outdoorsy cat stays at home all the time because she hates water!

 Everywhere  I look-Greeeeeeeen!

I've been doing a lot of DIY projects lately...since I am indoors most of the time! Gotta take pictures and show them to you asap:) Stay tuned..


July 25, 2012

DIY Wednesdays!

This is a DIY shrug/jacket that iv'e been meaning to show you for sometime...It is white and has a shiny-silver sequin pattern!

How did I make it? 
  • I had an old white tee lying around for ages..
  • I reduced its length and hemmed the bottom edges.
  • I cut it through the middle to make it front open..
  • Sewed on a silver edged lace on the middle 2 edges
  • Collected Glittery Silver Sequins in 2 sizes
  • Made an abstract symmetric pattern on the front
  • Stuck em on with Fabric Glue!
You can make plenty of casual jackets in this manner-its so much fun! And you may play around with matching lace at the edges, or customize it with buttons or sequins like I did! Or leave it plain!

And your old favorite tees get recycled into something new and unique!

I had to iron the shrug on the reverse to make the fabric-glue fast, and the sequins kind of semi-melted with the heat, and got a bit twisty and curled up a bit! But the effect was much better and natural, i think:)Talk of beneficial accidents!

So when are you'll gonna make your own customized shrugs?:)


July 23, 2012

Outfit Idea:Tropical Wonderland

Tropical Wonderland

Sometimes the key pieces in your outfit don't NEED to match. Your bag and your shoes. Nor anything else. They can co-exist beautifully, and each can revel in its own unique design.

You just need to wear it with the air of a Princess:)
And watch the world go crazy about your style!


July 20, 2012

Psychedelic Woodland Fairy

I decided to brighten up the dark, gloomy, rainy skies with colour-and lots of it!

I found this fantastic BIBA tunic at the sales, and me and my friend both picked one of this! I fell in love with the print-don't you just LOVE it?  It instantly reminded me of Manish Arora's work!

Wore it with lace-back jacket and Belt from HnM, Black stretch Pants,Flat yellow ballerinas and an ethnic ring!

Like it?
Do let me know!:)


July 19, 2012

Outfit Idea:Retro Twist

Retro Twist

White waistcoat
$14 - lavishalice.com

Long chiffon skirt

Lipsy stiletto high heels
$125 - lipsy.co.uk

Snake clutch
$31 - lavishalice.com

1STDIBS.COM - Benjamin Wilson Antiques - Extremely Large "Sea Fern"

I'm technologically in the dark ages, even though I am a computer engineer! So I just found Polyvore, which  lets me make my own moodboards and outfit collages!*sheepish grin*

So here's my first collage and it has come out to be one cool outfit I would die to own!
How did you like the styling? Do let me know!!


Blowing Bubbles

Find pleasures in the little things-
Ice-cream in a cone;
Raking October's leaves;
Spending time alone.

Tossing pebbles in a stream-
Chasing rainbow's end;
Running through the morning grass;
Talking with a friend.

Find pleasures in the little things
For little things can bless.
They brighten up a weary day
And make your worries less.

This is another poem I found in a book of prayers, which you might have read about in this post..
Its simple, and from the heart!
Unfortunately I do not know who its by..
But there's a lot we can learn from it!:)


July 15, 2012

A Classic Affair

I've been travelling a lot these days, and my so-called free vacation has been pretty hectic! These are some pictures I clicked, against a beautiful background of rocks and tea-roses..
The outfit, I think, is simple, classic, travel-worthy and also incorporates my can't-live-without pair of grey denims! So i'm very happy with it:D

Top and Pearl Necklace from Ginger, Lifestyle.
Bag from New York &Co.
Studded Belt from Nine West
And my most comfy pair of black ballerinas!

Shall be replying to all your comments real soon!

Hope you'll had a Fab Weekend..
Mine was pretty awesome, chilling at the Farmhouse with old friends and good music!

I recently made a facebook fanpage and feel like a pro coder after adding fbml/iframe widgets to the blog:D
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July 05, 2012

Bohemian Rhapsody

About the title, it is my favourite song by Queen of all times! I am a firm believer Bohemian Fashion though-there is a wild gypsy hidden deep inside everyone! Anyway. This outfit is a mix of classic and boho, mainly because I kept the accessories minimal. But I would definitely do a full gypsy with a floral headband, Chunky Bangles and the works-someday!

I got this crinkled skirt from Colaba Causeway a few years back, and I am in love with its print ever since! Whenever I want to go major colourful, I can bet these skirts will do the work for me!

Iv'e been wearing this ring pretty much everywhere since I got it...
And pearl necklace from Ginger, Lifestyle.

These trusty black ballet flats, are most comfortable shoes ever!

Photo from my holiday -Colours and Flairs-Just like the skirt!


Hope you liked the skirt..do leave me a comment and let me know!:)