May 31, 2012

Feather and Smoke

So feather accessories are IN since a while now, but I've never seen a pair of feather earrings quite so dramatic and  boudoir-like!

I pounced on these grey smokey beauties the moment I spotted them!

Feather Earrings

Let me know what you think:)


May 25, 2012

Classic meets Eclectic!

This is one of the most fun and eclectic looks I've ever tried!

Its fun, comfortable, and has polka dots-What more could one want?

So...has anyone guessed yet? The black frilly 'cape' i'm wearing here is actually  a skirt! I'v had it since I was 5...It used to be my favorite skirt then! Of course it wont fit me now...around my waist-But it still does on my shoulders!XD

I had a pair of black Vintage Clip-on earrings-Which I remembered to wear only halfway through the shoot! So most of the good pics don't have them...never mind!:(

Wearing: My favourite Yellow summer polo Tee tucked into my everyday jeans.

Skirt from my childhood:p

Watch: citizen!

The chain of the skirt is open-Looks like a collar doesn't it?

I love how this photo has turned out!

Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo

Bag: Street Shopped!

Earrings: Vintage!

Let me know If you like my Skirt transformed into Cape!-Can't Wait for your comments!<3


May 21, 2012

The White Shirt loves a pop!

This look is summer semi-formal with fun accents thrown in- It is well known that you cant go wrong with a crisp white shirt and skinnies, anyway!XD

Scarf from Nine West, No Brand Bag.
Shoes from American Eagle

 I love this white cotton shirt from United Colors of Benetton-It has the most voluminous puff sleeves ever!

 Yellow Belt, Ring-StreetShopped
Flower headband-Worn as a bracelet-DIY!
Stone bracelet-Gift

Cant brave the 3pm sun without my hair up!

 Close up of my Fav Summer Wedges!

Hope you liked my post-Awaiting  your comments!:)

Have a happy week!

Wont be replying to comments for 2 days, my laptop is away!:(



May 19, 2012

A Sprig of Mint!

Hello fellow blogspeople!! So Mint is the official flavour of this summer season!  And an apt flavour it provides a cool offset to the sweltering summer heat!

So I dug out this mint satin jacket from the back of my closet...And it was simply perfect!<3 

Its actually a hoodie...But its light and airy!

I was not sure how the tee would look with the mint jacket..
The combination of pastel pinks and mint turned out to be quite soothing actually:)

The tee was plain pink to begin with, painted it with stripes in 2 super-bright colours-Hot Pink and Tangerine!

Didn't notice the jacket stuck on a twig until I uploaded the pic here!:p

And yes. The highlight of the photo shoot is definitely this bush:P With pink and orange flowers(Same as my tee shirt colours), it gave me a great something to stand next to!!

Photos taken in college-After my not so bad exam!

Satin Jacket-Causeway

The look is pretty casual, perfect for college, has pastels, mint, a hint of bright colour....Do you like it?

Have a happy sunday:)

Love you all!<3

May 16, 2012

Red and Blue!

Hey everybody!<3
Im doing this mid-week, mid-exam post...because it is during exam time that I think more about my blog(almost incessantly) when I should actually be studying!

Well, there is atleast one good outcome. I am loving these pictures..And this outfit is full of my 2 favourite colours-Red and Blue!:)

Love this colourful cotton skirt...Its summery, has a lace edge, and a great pattern!


This necklace is a great find, in classic colours of gold and deep-red! And the red beads are of  velvet!

Skirt-Street Shopped
Belt and cuff-HnM
Ring-Necklace, Bandra
Shoes-Thrifted in New York!

Its mid-summer and the Gulmohar trees are in full bloom!

Let me know if  you like these pictures....Do leave comments!


May 12, 2012

Stripes and a Flower

I love this summer outfit with its nautical vibe! My aunt came over for a visit, so we took her to see the sights in the city of Mumbai.

So this is what I wore:

The weather was HOT and humid-Had to have my hair up most of the times!!

Striped tee
Stretch Pants from Forever21
Necklace: DIY

The tonga-walla enjoying the footage..

I know i am going to love these yellow shoes for the rest of summer...they are going to make any outfit POP!

These Street-side sunglasses made for interesting pictures!

Had the best chicken Lasagnia ever at Cafe Moshe's!

And coffee..

DIY necklace that I made 2 weeks back: With pearls, 1 yellow glass bangle, and a flower!

Interesting eats at the cafe!

Enjoying not-as expensive coffee at Marine Drive at night...The "Queen's Necklace" in the background!

We had so much fun with the whole day of sightseeing, shopping and relaxation!

Hope you'll have a lovely weekend!