April 29, 2012

Tangerine Hearts

Hello my fellow blogspeople!XO
Im super excited about this post...because:

1) I 'made' it!
2)I have been wanting to click these pictures for looooong!

Okay, time for clarifications. Point  no. 1) I 'made' it! meant, that I painted this tee myself! The white cotton tee with puff sleeves was my all time favourite for a loooong time...well, till it started getting a tad  boring.
And viola, with 3 bottles of acryllic paint (orange, shocking pink and black) it got transformed into a 
colour-blocking wonder!

I wanted to make the design as sketchy and random as possible...So i just messed about with the heart motifs! My mom scolded me for not drawing in the design beforehand(before painting) with pencil/chalk...She still thinks it is too messy!XD

Supercute polka Jacket from H&M
Red Bow-Buckle Belt-Westside

Hope everyone is having a magnificent weekend!


April 25, 2012

Green on Grass!

Hey lovelies!! Iv been completely swamped with tests, submissions, and college farewells....my mind has been in a turmoil of mixed emotions....sadness of leaving college, friends....excitement about dressing up for the parties...coupled with exam stress and all that...whew!

The official farewell was in the college in the evening at 5pm... before which I found sometime to dwell on it all and sit on the grass with my best friend!!

I was supposed to change in college just before farewell party...I wore an LBD! This is what I wore to college, before I changed! The bag and the shoes were a part of my final look for the night, but it looks pretty classic with the vest and jeans combo too!

Since I had to get ready in college, I literally packed my whole cupboard into a huge bag(Not in the pictures-Would not have been aesthetic!)

I was so paranoid about leaving some cosmetics or accessories out...I even got some stuff to choose from...what if I had last minute mood-changes? All of my cosmetics/2 perfumes to choose from/3 bracelets/4 earrings...and the works:P

It was crazy. Definitely must learn to plan and pack betterXO

And this is how I looked in the evening-Sorry could not take a full length solo picture! The night was all about friends and good times anywayXO

We clicked pictures, and danced like crazy later!
Let me know if you liked the pictures!XO


April 18, 2012

Pearls from the Orient~~

Here's my SJP inspired stash of pearls! I mixed it up with an orient-inspired necklace which I made, some years back!

I let my imagination run wild with that necklace, with black wooden beads, Glass Jade  beads, and a Feng Shui Fan!

The pearls are a gift from my fav gal friend!;)

The grey velvet necklace is street shopped..
And so is the Shimmery green ring!

Hope you like the mix...!

I'm off to do some major exam prep!

April 11, 2012

White is Always Right!

I say this atleast ten times everyday, but it is hot here in Bombay, very, very hot! And if you want to step out anytime between 10am to 5pm...white and flimsy, is your best bet!

So this is what I wore to college, and an Ice-Tea with friends, later on!

I'm loving this vibrant cloth bag with Kashmiri Embroidery-Work! And my new chappals from Linking Road!

My favourite Turquoise Rose Earrings!

This white cotton tunic(Street-Shopped!)is sooo perfect for summer...It has a lovely net-shoulder and back detail!

Another close-up of my bag and flats..

And yes..before I forget...photo credits to Mr. G who patiently clicked my pictures!

The chappals are neon on royal blue...perfect for dressing up any simple summery outfit!

Cheers, drink lots of water, and beat the heat with White!XO
And...do leave comments!


April 08, 2012

My Tree of Life

I'v always been fascinated by the Tree of Life design, and whenever I have to make a painting, it is this motif that first comes to mind!

So it was no different a case when I decided to make this one...to hang up in my room!

I painted the tree first...it looked all sinister! Then I added in the pastel background and the fleecy little clouds ;)

A few close ups...though I am no Van Gogh! (Who is my favourite painter by the way!)

The canvas is pretty large, about 2.5 by 4 feet, which is in fact the largest canvas I'v painted to date!
But it was totally fun, though it took a tad too long.

My room has always been warm-coloured, with reds, yellows and greens, and I suddenly found myself with this huge painting in cool pastel hues of pink and blue!

A quick change in my bedcover did the trick;)

It is lavender and pink polka dots, and the dots exchange colour with the background when reversed!
I think its supercute!

Do leave your comments on my painting!

April 03, 2012

Mermaid Musings

Who would be

A mermaid fair,

Singing alone,

Combing her hair

Under the sea,
In a golden curl

With a comb of pearl,
On a throne?

-Lord Tennyson

This outfit has been Inspired by the dreamy colours of the life Undersea!!

 Choral pink, Fleeting Mint, Shimmery Translucent Fabrics and Glittery Accessories!

I posed like this to look as much like a mermaid as possible...look! No legs!:p

Grey Pearl Ring from Ginger, Lifestyle.

Skirt, Vest: Street Shopping!

Lavender Pearl Nail-Paint: UnForgettable Moments

Star-shaped Hair-Ornaments-Earrings(Worn in the hair) from Tribal Art

I just had so much fun creating this look!

Shimmery Multi-hued hair tie: From Linking Road(Worn Around the Neck)

Tell me if you liked my mermaid themed look! 

Lots and lots of love,

April 01, 2012

Window Dressing

For a couple of weeks now, I'v been waking up in the mornings and smiling to myself in delight....Because of the green in my window!

I'v recently done some cultivation...In tiny pots! And guess what I'v planted....wheat! No, I do not aim to supply my mom with flour to make bread and rotis. I just thought the wheatgrass looks very very pretty!XD

Trust me, it is a lovely shade of green. A Cool, bright, and a happy hue! And the blades are so beautiful...its just mesmerizing to look at them in the breeze!

And I recently found out about the health properties of wheatgrass...though I wont be harvesting mine anytime soon!;)

There is a website dedicated to it apparently!

The painted wooden elephants are a gift from my Aunt, who lives in Ethopia..

 I sometimes put up this hanging 'thing' that I made...out of a saree lace and 2 disused bead earrings! It is translucent, and lets the light in through its embroidered design!

And...apparently my cat Billu has been on the website and has been reading about the health benefits too!

The curtains are from a Walmart in Florida....We got them to dress up a wedding venue! More Specifically, the wedding 'tent' for my sister's wedding on an Island, in June 2011! The theme was white and red!

Cheers everybody, have a great Weekend!