February 26, 2012


This is a section I will be doing on pretty towns and places...both at home and abroad..

And this is the prettiest little town I've ever visited, and it is the Hastings-on-Hudson in NY.

The sun shone bright one summer morning as I took the bus from my sister's place in Yonkers and got down at the bus stop in Hastings..

The quaint old charm, the antique shops, the rolling lawns, and the tiny shops and eateries, all made me feel like i had stepped right into a medieval English town..

Among the things I did here: Visited the post office because I had a few letters, and bought Collection stamps!

Ate the most amazing Shawarma at a Lebanese Eatery!

Bought a brownie square from the local bakery...

Just wandered around as I waited for the 1:40 PM bus.

Inside the Antique shop...I don't remember its name...I bought two wooden Japanese prints to hang on my wall back at home!

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Have a good week ahead!:)

February 18, 2012

College Festival!

Here's a collage of pictures of my annual college festival called Symphony...we had a major blast dressing up, taking pictures, Zorbing, and dancing the night away!

Its my last year in college and I want to have as much fun  as possible in these remaining months! Sob!

And since this is a  part fashion blog, a few technicalities:
Stretch Pants, Shoes from Forever21, Necklace from Ginger, Lifestyle and Cream Jacket from HnM!

Here's the picture collage I made..Enjoy~
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