December 20, 2012

Do Something Creative Everyday

New York has such beautiful stationery stores. There are beautiful wrapping papers, boxes, bookends, and greeting cards. Am busy doing paper projects and getting in the mood for Christmas!



Surbhi Suri said...

I'll be one Alice lost in this shop if somebody leaves me there ! I did get lost in such a stationary store in Singapore once , shopped for nearly 700(sngpore) dollars ! Ans since then I am banned to visit such stores :(

Vix said...

Those shop displays look wonderful, you could spend hours admiring the merchandise. Loving the hat! x

Maiken said...

such lovely photos and you're right! what a great variety of goodies for DIY people :P

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Adeola Naomi said...

Great pictures!

songbird said...


Shreya J said...

I love stationery stores...I keep thinking I'll make this and that and buy everything...most of which are still stocked up. :P