December 28, 2012

Windows of West Village

Hope you are having an amazing holiday season.Layer up, make merry, and eat awesome stuff!

December 22, 2012


I am getting extremely fond of this wool Calvin Klein hat, Its so great for the winter!

Snapped these pictures on a visit to West Village, which is fast turning into my favourite spot in the world. I would love to live there someday!It has quiet shady lanes and beautiful old houses. It was a sunny beautiful day.

PS: Always carry cash if you are heading to west village, the old cafes and boutiques don't take credit cards! The kind waitress at the coffee shop told me to not mind, and pay if I ever dropped by again. And I did, specially. And I  kept going back, just because I have fallen in love with the place :)


December 20, 2012

Do Something Creative Everyday

New York has such beautiful stationery stores. There are beautiful wrapping papers, boxes, bookends, and greeting cards. Am busy doing paper projects and getting in the mood for Christmas!


December 14, 2012

Winter Sun

Its amazing how I have come to enjoy the cold..Iv'e been told it will be worse when It goes in minus centigrade, but so far, I'm loving it. Especially when you have voluminous scarves and furry boots to keep you toasty! 

I spent two days with friends in Boston, it is a beautiful and historical city!  These pictures were snapped in front of an old church and library, when we went out to get grocery. It was a beautiful sunny day!


December 10, 2012

Love is..

Featuring my beautiful sister and her husband....they are by far the sweetest pair I know!


Pictures clicked at the romantic riverfront of the East River with the Robert F Kennedy Bridge in the background!


December 06, 2012

New York Diary

Two Loves. Theater and Shoes.

I know the ordeal of having to look at other people's travel pictures. But I am travelling, so you'll have to grin and bear it. Its all about the reciprocation, you know!  So far, I have been to the glitziest place in the world-Yes, I'm talking about Times Square! Somewhere deep down there is a joy in having a hundred LCDs flashing colourful advertisements at you, and all in all, I would say the experience was..overwhelming? But the stores there were good. Really good.

Im crazy about the houndstooth pattern this winter!

Streaming Sunlight

Complete coincidence that these two walked past.

More Streaming Sunlight-Do you know how good the bright sun feels on a cold winter day?

Challenge: Spot my favourite store.

Your's truly, too pink in her opinion.

Street Art on Broadway
These are actually clocks, looked really cute with the tails of all kitties and doggies wagging in unison! 

These pictures are a mix between urban landscapes, trees with pretty leaves, and peoplewatching. I have here, 14 out of 100, so yes, you are welcome:P

The trees against glass fronted skyscraper-I see an interesting pattern!


After all, when your'e travelling alone, the little pleasures of the day are the cup of coffee and a solitary place to rest your mind a little bit. Which is why after a chaotic half-day at Times Square, I headed out to Bryant Park on 5th Avenue. All the pictures with the leaves and trees are from there, by the way.

Any suggestions as to what I should see in NYC? I have an unlimited metro card at my disposal and lots of time on my hands!:)


December 03, 2012

Ice Cold

Before I came to NY, I was extremely apprehensive if I would survive in the cold or not. I have always been cat-like, there's nothing I like better than curling up and staying warm at all times. But surprisingly, with the right clothes, the cold can be quite an exhilarating experience! 

 Just for the record, it was 1 degree Celsius and Windy, and I was freezing my hands off! Interspersed are a few pictures of this beautiful city, just as it is, in these cold grey days.

Cap,Fur Scarf-HnM
Sweater dress, leggings,bag-Borrowed from the Sister!

Signing off now, there's so much to do! Tomorrow is going to be a fine day weather wise(I'm hoping for some sunshine) and I hope to click lots of pictures of the city!

Lots of Love,